Imagine what your gift can do for refugees this Ramadan

Today, millions of refugees and displaced persons will welcome the holy month in incredibly difficult circumstances, living in desperate uncertainty and hardship, while struggling to put food on the tables for their families.

The COVID-19 pandemic and deteriorating economic situation globally has pushed many of those most vulnerable even deeper into extreme poverty. Many have reported having lost their informal daily wages, and now face severe levels of food insecurity. Families are reporting skipping meals and Yemen is once again on the brink of famine.

Together this Ramadan, we can help families whose lives were devastated by circumstances out of their control to have a roof over their heads, a warm meal for iftar, clean water to drink and wash with, and the hope they need to continue building a safer future.

Helping us to achieve this goal is Australia for UNHCR supporter Peter Gould, who had this message to share:

''Every gift is the difference between hope and despair for a refugee family in desperate need. Together, we can really make a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.''


Please join us and many others in solidarity with refugees worldwide today, it takes a second to help a family in need.


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