People walk in the mud between the rubbles, after a powerful storm and heavy rainfall hit Libya, in Derna, Libya September 13, 2023.
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Libya Flood Emergency

Storm Daniel has killed thousands and caused catastrophic flooding in eastern Libya. Donate now to send life-saving aid.

Torrential rain and flooding have swept away entire neighbourhoods in the wake of Storm Daniel. More than 800,000 people need humanitarian assistance. Thousands of people have died, and many more are missing.  

The floods have contaminated water sources, making it unsafe for people to drink. The worst affected city is Derna, where two dams have collapsed and forced 30,000 people to flee.  

Refugees and asylum seekers from Sudan and Syria, along with internally displaced people, are among those affected in the east of the country.  

UNHCR is on the ground and working with partners to rush life-saving aid to those affected by this crisis. 

Our teams have distributed relief items including solar lamps, kitchen sets, jerry-cans and blankets to over 18,000 people in flood-affected areas. We are also working to address the health situation, disinfecting water sources, establishing hospitals and delivering medicine to where it is most needed. 

UNHCR has also set up an emergency hotline to assist refugees affected by the flooding.

But the devastation is massive and we urgently need your help to reach people in dire need.  

Donate now to rush life-saving supplies to Libya. Your donation can also provide shelter, healthcare and psychological support to families who’ve lost everything.  

Survival essentials

Your gift can provide essential items like tarpaulins, blankets, solar lamps and hygiene kits. 


Your gift can provide medical supplies and equipment to support primary healthcare clinics and outreach teams.


Your gift can provide protection and support for the most vulnerable, including children separated from their families.

What is happening in Libya?

Storm Daniel hit eastern Libya on 9-11 September, causing catastrophic floods and devastating several cities. More than 800,000 people need humanitarian assistance. Thousands of people have died, and many more are missing.

Communication lines remain down, and roads are destroyed. The worst affected city is Derna, where two dams have collapsed and swept away entire neighbourhoods and their residents.

Libya is host to 50,000 refugees and asylum seekers. Together with displaced Libyans, they are among the most vulnerable in the wake of this disaster.

How many refugees are in Libya?

There are 50,000 refugees and asylum seekers registered in Libya. The majority are from Sudan, Syria and Eritrea. Of these, more than 1,000 live in eastern Libya, including the affected areas. In addition, there are over 46,000 internally displaced people in eastern Libya.

What is UNHCR doing to help?

UNHCR is on the ground, working with national and international humanitarian partners to rush lifesaving aid to refugees, displaced people and families affected by this crisis.

UNHCR is distributing emergency supplies - including blankets, plastic tarpaulins, kitchen sets, hygiene kits and clothes - and we've set up an emergency hotline. More than 50 tonnes of relief items have arrived in the country from UNHCR's global stockpile in Dubai.

UNHCR is also establishing field hospitals, distributing medical supplies and providing psychological support to vulnerable families displaced by the flood.

Our community-based Protection teams are actively assessing the situation by reaching out to around 50,000 registered refugees and asylum-seekers in the affected regions.

What difference will my donation make?

Your donation will provide life-saving assistance for vulnerable families affected by the floods. With your support, UNHCR can provide shelter and other essential items such as clean water, hygiene kits and blankets. Your donation can also help UNHCR provide healthcare and psychological support for affected people.

Our fundraising commitment

The majority of funds raised by Australia for UNHCR are directed to UNHCR’s emergency operations, providing the ready funds and resources to respond quickly and effectively in situations of crisis and disaster.

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