Questions about UNHCR

What is UNHCR?
What is Australia for UNHCR?
Which countries host the most refugees?
Where do most refugees come from?
Don't you get lots of money from the UN?
How can I obtain more information about Australia for UNHCR?

Donor Enquiries

How is my money used?
What happens to my donation when a program is fully funded?
I am a donor and have changed my address/contact details, what do I do?
I only want to receive communications by email. Is this possible?
Are my donations tax-deductible, and do I get a receipt?
What percentage of my donation actually goes to the cause?
Where is my receipt?
How can I make changes to my donation?
I have a missed call from you.
How do I cancel my donation?
Can I reduce or increase my donation, or put it on hold?
How much notice do I need to give if I want to cancel my donation?
Can I make a donation over the phone?
How can I organise a fundraising drive?
What is your policy on refunds?

Annual Tax Receipts Enquiries

It’s past 30 June and I haven’t got my annual tax receipt. What should I do?
Can I get my annual tax receipt early?
Why haven’t you sent me receipts during the year?
I have made a donation to you this year, but it’s not on the annual tax receipt you have sent me. Why not?
I gave through a workplace giving program and I have not received an annual tax receipt. Why not?
Can I get my annual tax receipt emailed to me?

Refugee and Asylum Enquiries

I am seeking refugee protection in Australia. Can you help me with legal protection matters?

Empowering Gifts Shop

What are Empowering Gifts?
How does an Empowering Gift work?
When will my card be delivered?
Are Empowering Gifts real?
Will I get two cards if I buy two of the same Empowering Gifts?
Can I buy multiple Empowering Gifts for one person and combine them in one card?
Where will my gift be sent?
What does the cost of a gift pay for?
Do Empowering Gifts qualify as tax-deductible donations?
Is shopping on the Empowering Gifts website secure?

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You can help

Make a donation

Every donation makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of refugees.

Organise a fundraiser

Host a bake sale, climb a mountain or do a fun run to raise funds for vital aid.