Sudanese refugee Hawa Issat in front of her temporary shelter
© UNHCR/Insa Wawa Diatta
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Transforming refugee lives: The power of your support in silent emergencies

Your generous donations are providing life-saving aid in Sudan, Yemen and beyond. 

Refugees trapped in silent emergencies endure incredible hardship, relying on agencies like UNHCR to survive. Thanks to your support, they receive critical aid and protection, empowering them to rebuild their lives with hope and dignity.

With your help, displaced Yemenis have cash to buy the food and medicine they urgently need. Rohingya refugee women are learning new skills so they can earn an income and provide for their children in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. And people fleeing conflict in Sudan have safe shelter, clean water and healthcare.

Seeking shelter

Hawa Issat escaped Sudan’s terrifying conflict and sought protection in neighbouring Chad. With the support of generous donors, she has a sturdy shelter in a safe area away from the border.

“We had to flee to survive. We witnessed many atrocities, including our parents being murdered in front of us,” says Hawa.

“Thank God, as soon as we arrived here [at the camp], we were given a shelter. I was able to start generating income. I sell vegetables and other food.”

Finding safety

Zeinab prepares coffee in her new shelter in a refugee camp in Chad.
© UNHCR/Insa Wawa Diatta
Zeinab prepares coffee in her new shelter in a refugee camp in Chad.

Zeinab fled Sudan with her two children after gunmen killed her husband and burned down their house. After travelling for several days, they arrived at the border near Chad, hungry and in need of life-saving aid.

UNHCR helped Zeinab and her family move away from the border and into a refugee camp. Our teams also provided them with relief items to help them rebuild their lives.

“I am very grateful to the humanitarian workers who brought us here. Before that, we had no shelter, no mats to sleep on and no toilets,” says Zeinab.

“Now, I have a house, mats, blankets and mosquito nets. I am quite comfortable.”

Empowering Rohingya women

From December to April, Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh experiences very little rainfall, leaving Rohingya refugee camps vulnerable to massive fires.

Rohingya female firefighters Mahabur and Sumi are some of the first responders on the scene, protecting their community from the fire.

With the help of UNHCR, they’ve been trained on fire safety and prevention and the use of equipment including extinguishers and hand-powered water pumps.

“When we see fire, we get a surge of courage. We know that we are meant to do this job,” says Mahabur. “We put on our boots, helmets and uniforms and we go to fight the fire.”

“Women need women. That’s why we need this job – to protect them. They feel good when they receive help from women like us,” says Sumi.

Your donation in action

 UNHCR Protection Officer Loku James speaks with refugee families at the UNHCR transit centre in Renk, South Sudan.
© UNHCR/Andrew McConnell
UNHCR Protection Officer Loku James speaks with refugee families at the UNHCR transit centre in Renk, South Sudan.

With your help, UNHCR is assisting the most vulnerable people trapped in hidden crises. Our dedicated teams are:

  • Providing healthcare in Sudan, including vaccinations, antenatal care and psychological support
  • Providing supplementary food for children under five who are at risk of malnutrition in Yemen
  • Empowering Rohingya refugee women through vocational training programs in Cox’s Bazar
  • Distributing cash assistance to help displaced Yemenis pay for rent, food and medicine
  • Distributing emergency supplies such as tarpaulins, blankets and mosquito nets to Sudanese refugees
  • Supporting education programs for Rohingya children

Thank you for helping refugees whose stories no longer appear in the headlines. If you’d still like to help, you may donate here.