You can help improve the lives of displaced women and girls

Women and girls make up around half of any refugee or internally displaced population. They are also among those most at risk of discrimination, violence and exploitation.

Displaced women and girls are vulnerable at every stage of their journey: during conflict, during flight and in their place of refuge. An ordinary task like collecting water or going to the toilet can put them at risk of harassment and sexual abuse.

UNHCR supports displaced women and girls to rebuild their lives through healthcare programs, access to education, counselling and legal support for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), livelihoods projects and skills training.

With your help, displaced women and girls can thrive, not just survive.

Your donations in action

Young women from Central African Republic in a refugee camp in the DRC

Rokeya is happy to receive a gas stove and cylinder

Tahara holds her four-month-old daughter in a UNHCR counselling centre in Bangladesh

Women stand next to a sexual health awareness board in Kalinga camp, DRC

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A young woman enters her shelter in Uganda
Protection Protection Protection
Livelihoods Livelihoods Livelihoods
Safe Places Safe Places Safe Places
Medicine Medicine Medicine
Counselling Counselling Counselling

Providing Protection

Children and families fleeing violence, war, disaster or persecution can be very vulnerable. UNHCR supplies displaced people with essential items, food and shelter to protect them from having to make dangerous decisions to survive. On a larger scale, UNHCR negotiates safe passage, asylum spaces and humanitarian access, upholding the rights of refugees and minimising the threat of violence, including sexual assault.

Providing Livelihoods

The opportunity to work and earn a living is one of the most effective ways for displaced people to rebuild their dignity. UNHCR supports livelihood programs to foster skills development and self-sufficiency among refugee populations. These programs also allow refugees to contribute to their host economy, creating strong social ties with the community.

Providing Safe Places

UNHCR operates safe spaces for the most vulnerable refugees for child and family support, providing child services, play areas and counselling. Children travelling alone are given special support and safe accommodation while UNHCR staff search for their relatives or carers. For displaced girls, safe spaces in refugee camps are essential for preventing abuse and exploitation. LGBTI refugees are also offered safe spaces to protect them from harm and discrimination.

Providing Medication

UNHCR facilitates access to basic healthcare for refugees through camp clinics and local healthcare providers. Priority health services include emergency medical care for those who have suffered violence, reproductive services and treatment for infants and the elderly. UNHCR also coordinates immunisation programs to prevent the spread of diseases in crowded refugee settings.

Providing Counselling

Displacement due to horrific violence, armed conflict, persecution, or disaster puts significant psychological and social stress on children, individuals, families and communities. UNHCR provides counselling to refugee populations to address trauma arising from displacement. These services are particularly vital for survivors of torture and of sexual and gender-based violence.

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