Poland. First Christmas In Exile For Refugees From Ukraine
© UNHCR/Anna Liminowicz

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Double your impact now

The war in Ukraine has caused a humanitarian emergency. Make a tax-deductible donation to our Ukraine Appeal, and it will be matched dollar for dollar by a group of generous supporters.

From schools to apartment blocks, maternity wards to cafes, nowhere in Ukraine is safe.

It's been more than two years since Russia invaded Ukraine and created the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. 

Devastating attacks continue every day. Over 10 million people have been displaced. Homes, hospitals and schools have been destroyed. Families are sheltering in basements, desperate for the fighting to end. 

Fighting has ramped up in the northeastern Kharkiv region, with disastrous consequences. Relentless aerial attacks have claimed lives, devastated communities and forced vulnerable people, including the elderly and people with disabilities, to flee their homes. 

With your help, UNHCR can send emergency supplies to communities under fire, repair damaged homes and provide counselling for traumatised families.

Please give a tax-deductible gift before 30 June to send life-saving aid to the people of Ukraine.

Double your impact for people like Tetiana

Donate now and our generous supporters will match your gift. This means you can send twice as much aid to people like Tetiana, a 34-year-old mother of three who is struggling to rebuild after her home was destroyed.

Ukraine. Single mother of three children rebuilding her home with the help of UNHCR
© UNHCR/Nikola Ivanovski

For those able to escape across the border, the emergency isn't over. 

Refugees have been forced to leave everything behind to reach safety in countries such as Poland and Moldova. 

They need a safe place to stay, cash to buy basic items such as food and clothing, and access to counselling and legal aid.

The majority of refugees fleeing Ukraine are women and children, who need additional support. Together with partners, UNHCR has established Blue Dot protection hubs across the region to support the most vulnerable, such as unaccompanied children, young mothers and older people. 


Your gift can help us repair damaged homes and upgrade shelters to provide safe, warm places for people fleeing the war.

Basic Needs

Your gift can provide cash assistance to help refugees cover their basic needs, including shelter, food and medicine. 

Social Services

Your gift can help displaced people access social services and psychological support such as counselling.

“This assistance is a lifeline for me.”

Hanna, 38, fled Kyiv with her two children and found safety in Warsaw, Poland, where UNHCR and partners have helped her with clothing, baby food and other essentials.

Ukrainian refugee Hanna, 38, and her baby at an aid distribution point run by UNHCR partner Mother's House Foundation in Warsaw, Poland.
© UNHCR/Anna Liminowicz

About Australia for UNHCR's matched giving campaign

Read more on Australia for UNHCR's matched giving campaign which runs until the target is met.

Matched Giving Disclosure Statement

Matched giving is when a donor pledges to match other supporters’ donations, dollar for dollar, up to an agreed amount. Anonymous supporters have generously offered to match gifts to Ukraine one-to-one. Australia for UNHCR follows the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s (FIA) best practice guidelines for matched giving.

  1. A maximum of $400,000 is available in one-to-one matched funds;
  2. The matched giving campaign target is therefore $800,000;
  3. Donations to the campaign that exceed the matching target amount will not be matched unless further matched funds become available;
  4. In circumstances where supporters who are matching donations are unable to fulfill their pledges, Australia for UNHCR will notify supporters who have donated to the campaign via email and the online donation page;
  5. Australia for UNHCR will cease promoting matched giving as soon as the campaign target is met and will make this information readily available on its website;
  6. The matched giving campaign starts on 17 June 2024 and continues until the target is met;
  7. All regular gifts go towards the Emergency Response Fund and are not eligible for matching.

Please contact our Donor Care team on 1300 361 288 should you require any further information.

About Ukraine Emergency

How can I help Ukrainian refugees?

You can support refugees fleeing Ukraine and people internally displaced within the country by making a donation.

What difference will my donation make?

Your donation can support refugees fleeing Ukraine and people displaced within the country. Your support can help provide protection, cash assistance and core relief items such as shelter materials, blankets and sleeping mats.

How is UNHCR helping refugees from Ukraine?

UNHCR continues to provide refugees from Ukraine with protection, cash assistance, shelter, and core relief items such as solar lamps, blankets, heaters and kitchen sets.

Some of the ways UNHCR is helping people forced to flee:

  • Providing legal counselling and assistance with obtaining official documents such as passports and birth certificates
  • Providing cash assistance so the most vulnerable families can buy food, clothes and other essentials
  • Distributing core relief items such as shelter repair materials, blankets, heaters and kitchen sets
  • Conducting psychological first aid and psychosocial support activities

Where can refugees from Ukraine can get information and request assistance?

If you are seeking information or support inside Ukraine, please visit the UNHCR Ukraine HELP Website.

If you are seeking information or support, visit the HELP Page for the country you have fled to:

Is UNHCR able to operate in Ukraine now? What support is being provided?

UNHCR remains present in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, responding to the humanitarian needs of refugees and internally displaced persons. Our teams are providing assistance including protection, emergency shelter, home repairs, legal advice and cash.

UNHCR remains committed to monitoring the situation in Ukraine and at the borders to ensure the protection of people exiting and entering. There has been a recent increase in entry to Ukraine linked to the return of refugees for the start of the school year. UNHCR provides protection counselling, legal assistance, social accompaniment and transportation services for people crossing the borders, as well as assistance in obtaining civil documentation to facilitate travel and access to social benefits in host countries.

Is UN/UNHCR evacuating its staff from Ukraine?

Staff safety remains our utmost priority. UNHCR staff are present across Ukraine, delivering assistance wherever access and security allow. Our teams have expanded their operations to hard-to-reach areas in east and south Ukraine, including areas recently retaken by Ukraine where the needs remain acute.

What are your capacities in the region? How many staff do you have there?

UNHCR has a longstanding presence in the region, working with national authorities on refugee-related matters. We have offices in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. UNHCR also established a country office in Moldova in 2022.

UNHCR has scaled up its presence significantly to stay and deliver for those in need. As of February 2023, we have offer 320 staff in Ukraine and 404 staff in neighbouring countries.

What are you doing in neighbouring countries? What is your role?

UNHCR is shifting from emergency response to supporting governments in the inclusion of refugees. We work with host communities to expand access to essential services such as education, employment, housing, social welfare and medical assistance.

Since the majority of refugees fleeing Ukraine are women and children, UNHCR is providing child protection activities and working to prevent gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Our fundraising impact

The majority of funds raised by Australia for UNHCR are directed to UNHCR’s emergency operations, providing the ready funds and resources to respond quickly and effectively in situations of crisis and disaster.

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