Humanitarian emergency in Ukraine

The Ukraine emergency is now the world’s largest human displacement crisis, with 14 million people forced to flee for their lives.
Six million refugees have fled Ukraine, while another eight million are internally displaced.
Inside Ukraine, many communities are cut off from water, heating, health care and other essentials. UNHCR estimates than more than 15.7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.
“I have spoken with women, with children, who have been gravely affected by this war,” said Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
“Forced to flee extraordinary levels of violence, they have left behind their homes and often their families, leaving them shocked and traumatised. The protection and humanitarian needs are enormous, and continue to grow.”
Please donate now to help the people of Ukraine in their time of need.

UNHCR staff meet refugees crossing from Slovenia into Italy. © UNHCR/Dario Bosio

With your support, UNHCR can provide: 
  • Safe shelter for families whose homes have been destroyed
  • Thermal blankets and sleeping mats for people staying at reception centres
  • Cash assistance to help refugee mums buy food for their children
  • Protection services for the most vulnerable, such as unaccompanied children, single mothers, and people with disabilities 
Thank you for standing with the people of Ukraine. We will keep you posted on the latest developments and the impact of your donation.

Information on protection enquiries and related matters


Information on Emergency Action Alliance (EAA)

EAA Information

Your donations in action

Your donation can offer a refugee family safe shelter when they arrive

Protection Protection

UNHCR needs your help to provide Ukrainian refugees with emergency assistance 

Safe Places Safe Places

Aid delivered to Kryvyi Rih.

As people are fleeing the military offensive for safety and shelter, UNHCR is in constant touch with IDP communities across Ukraine, to identify needs and prepare responses.

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