Displaced children in Hudaydah

When violence erupts and disaster strikes, UNHCR teams are ready to deploy humanitarian emergency assistance within 72 hours.

UNHCR is often first in and last out during humanitarian emergencies, providing life-saving assistance and care to the people who need it most.

Supplies are warehoused in seven strategic hubs – Accra, Amman, Copenhagen, Douala, Dubai, Nairobi and Panama – to enable immediate transit anywhere in the world.

UNHCR staff cover every angle of emergency response, from establishing camps in safe zones, to installing water and sanitation, to coordinating emergency airlifts, to protecting the most vulnerable, including women and children.

Some of the key humanitarian emergencies that UNHCR are responding to are below:

A children's hospital in Kyiv has been struck in Russia's latest wave of deadly attacks.
© OCHA Ukraine via X

Ukraine Emergency

A children’s hospital in Kyiv has been struck in Russia’s latest wave of deadly attacks. Please donate now to send life-saving aid.
Nyauke, 18, sits with her mother and baby sister at a UNHCR transit centre near the South Sudanese border after fleeing violence in Bentiu, Sudan.
© UNHCR/Andrew McConnell

Sudan Emergency

Terrified people are fleeing armed clashes and ethnic violence in Sudan. Donate now to provide shelter, medicine and protection.

Ma Phyu Ma, an internally displaced Rohingya woman, lost her home during Cyclone Mocha
© UNHCR/Reuben Lim Wende

Rohingya Emergency

Send life-saving aid to Rohingya refugees who are hanging on by a thread. 
Afghanistan flood emergency
© UNHCR Afghanistan

Afghanistan Emergency

Families in Afghanistan have been devastated by flooding and urgently need your support. Donate now to provide emergency shelter and supplies.

Women walking with UNHCR box. UNHCR distributes solar lights to female-headed families in Aleppo region, Syria.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Syrians are exhausted and traumatised after 13 years of war. Please donate now to send emergency aid to families who have nothing left.
UNHCR distributes relief items to families displaced by Storm Daniel.
© UNHCR/Ziyad Alhamadi

Libya Flood Emergency

On 11 September 2023, Storm Daniel killed thousands of people and caused catastrophic flooding in eastern Libya. Six months on, the need is still huge...
Borik, 75, and his wife Lena, 73, speak with UNHCR staff member Arevig in Goris, south-eastern Armenia, where tens of thousands of refugees have arrived in less than a week.
© UNHCR/Karen Minasyan

Armenia Emergency

Send life-saving aid to Armenian refugees forced to flee their homes.
Thousands of families have been displaced due to recent climate change and droughts in Ethiopia's Somali regions.
© UNHCR/Eugene Sibomana

Horn of Africa Food Crisis

The Horn of Africa is experiencing the longest and most severe drought on record. Help UNHCR provide safe shelter, cash assistance and life-saving aid to drought-stricken communities.
A young Yemeni girl eats a packet of Plumpy Nut, a high calorie food used in famine relief.
© UNHCR/Hugh Macleod

Yemen Emergency

Yemen remains one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises.
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