A girl named Faten looking at the camera. She is a 10-year-old Syrian girl from the village of Mash in the Aleppo district. She and her family fled their home when she was only one year old. In 2019, the family was able to return to their village, which has no health or education services. .Faten told a UNHCR team during a visit to her village that she really wants to go back to school
© UNHCR/Hameed Maarouf

Ramadan Kareem

Donate today to ensure that those in need are able to observe the Holy Month with peace of mind.

Donate today to ensure that those in need are able to observe the Holy Month with peace of mind.

Without your generosity this Ramadan, the most vulnerable refugees and internally displaced will not be able to secure their most basic needs. Your donation means medicine for an elderly in need of urgent medical care, a safe roof over the head of a widowed mother and her children, a warm meal on an iftar table to make sure a family doesn’t go to bed hungry.

During Ramadan, UNHCR will act as a bridge between people like yourself who are looking to make an impactful giving during the holy month, and those who need it the most.

Through our regular vulnerability assessment programmes, we identify the most vulnerable families from Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Rohingya, Nigeria and Afghanistan who are in need of help, so that your gift will make an impact and reach those with the greatest needs.

In a world where over 100 million people are forcibly displaced, the work of UNHCR is more important than ever, especially as the leading agency on the ground mandated to serve and protect refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs).

Please donate now and trust that your gift, no matter how big or small, will make an impact in the lives of those displaced.

You can also calculate and dedicate your Zakat, where 100% of your Zakat will be distributed to refugees and IDPs most in need.

You can help millions of refugees and displaced people who can’t be with their loved ones this Ramadan.