Eritrean refugee Hallima (in yellow), 45, and her daughter Dunya, 19, are photographed at Mai Aini camp in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, during a visit of UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi.
© UNHCR/Petterik Wiggers

Sadaqah Jariyah

Share the blessing of water

Sadaqah Jariyah is an act of charity that benefits not only those in need but also the giver, even beyond their lifetimes.

Your Sadaqah can give the gift of water to refugees in Ethiopia.

Water is precious in Ethiopia, which is facing its most severe drought in decades. There are currently four million people displaced within Ethiopia. The country also hosts 900,000 refugees and asylum seekers – the majority from South Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea. Many have fled their drought-stricken homes to find food and water. These vulnerable families are experiencing water shortages and lack access to basic hygiene and sanitation facilities, making them vulnerable to water-borne diseases.

UNHCR is providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene services to refugee families and host communities, but we need your help to meet the rising need.

Help secure clean water for thousands in refugee camps.

Your Sadaqah Jariyah can build and repair water wells and boreholes in Ethiopia, providing clean, accessible and sustainable water to those most in need.

Share the blessing of water and donate your Sadaqah Jariyah today.

You can also give your Sadaqah Jariyah in memory of loved ones.

Water porter Abdimuktar Daud, 22, sells water to people who are internally displaced (IDPs) because of drought in Abibacar IDP camp in Melkadida, Ethiopia. Hundreds of thousands affected by the worst drought in decades and by conflict have been displaced in search of food, shelter and water for their families and livestock.
© UNHCR/Tiksa Negeri

Clean water for refugee families

Young Noor drinks water. When violence struck Laascaanood, Somalia, Mohamed, Abdirisak and Noor Siyad Abdi (11, 10 and 3 respectively) were living with their uncle Hassan Abdi Ali, 36, and grandmother Dama Umal Yuusuf, 76. They were forced to flee to Ethiopia, leaving their mother and other siblings behind.
© UNHCR/Diana Diaz

Women and children in search of water

Somali refugee children collect water in Mirqaan settlement. UNHCR and partners have been providing potable water to refugees being relocated to Mirqaan settlement.
© UNHCR/Diana Diaz

High risk of waterborne diseases