Unhcr Refugee Laraman And Ibrahim Hero
Zahra, a Syrian refugee with five children, is pictured at home in Mafraq
©UNHCR/Lilly Carlisle
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Four reasons you should experience the Connecting Worlds app

Leading Women Fund donors once again have the chance to participate in this life-changing experience. 

46-year-old Svitlana was evacuated to Mykolaiv from Kherson after the first alerts of possible flooding following the breach of the Kakhovka Dam
© UNHCR/Victoria Andrievska
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Ukraine flood disaster

Ukraine has suffered yet another blow with the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam. More than 2,000 people have been evacuated, while hundreds of thousand...
Mozambique. Displaced and host community girls play football in Cabo Delgado
© UNHCR/Martim Gray Pereira
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Celebrating the achievements of refugees in sport

At this year’s World Refugee Day lunch, we were inspired by stories of resilience and hope. 

Asif Sultani
© Australia for UNHCR
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“Sport means everything to me.”

 Martial Arts gives Asif Sultani a sense of community and safety.

Anyier Model (1)
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“I wanted to celebrate the diversity of African countries”

Winner of this year’s Les Murray Award for Refugee Recognition, Anyier Yuol, on her incredible journey from sports star to model, PhD candidate, and advocate.

Hundreds of newly arrived Sudanese refugees wait for the distribution of UNHCR relief kits
© UNHCR/Colin Delfosse
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Escaping Sudan: A story of survival

It has been a month since renewed fighting broke out in Sudan. With no end to the violence in sight, people are desperately seeking safety and protect...
Baby born in the aftermath of the earthquakes
© UNHCR/Saad Sawas
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Syria and Türkiye

Surviving disaster: A mother’s story of giving birth during the Syrian earthquakes

Sally’s story of giving birth amidst the chaos of the Syrian earthquakes highlights the desperate and dangerous situation many displaced people are faced with.

Cyclone Mocha
© Md Shoaib and Md Sadek
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Cyclone Mocha devastates Myanmar and Bangladesh

Millions of refugees and vulnerable people urgently need aid and support.

Abay Osman, 32-year-old mother of 6 holds her youngest son Hamza, 7 months outside their shelter in Dadaab
© UNHCR/Charity Nzomo
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Refugee mothers: Stories of resilience

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re sharing three stories of refugee mothers who are striving for a better future for their children, despite challenging circumstances. 

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