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Sudanese refugees start over in Central African Republic

After fleeing Sudan's conflict, refugees are finding shelter and safety with help from UNHCR.

Fatma and her children are relieved to find safety in Korsi, a new site for refugees in Central African Republic (CAR), after weeks of uncertainty.

They are among millions who have fled intense fighting in Sudan. Thousands have been killed and many more injured since conflict broke out in mid-April.

“I left with just my children and the clothes on our backs,” says Fatma. “Our possessions, our home, we had to leave it all behind.”

The family fled to the border town of Am-Dafock, but conditions were very difficult. Fatma and her children were stuck there for weeks with limited access to food, water and shelter. With the rainy season due to commence, it was also going to become impossible to deliver humanitarian aid by road.

Central African Republic_Fatma-And-Her-Children-Sudanese-Refugees-At-Korsi
© UNHCR/Josselin Brémaud
Fatma and her children sit near community shelters in Korsi, Central African Republic.

A welcoming neighbourhood

With your help, UNHCR is moving refugee families away from the border and into safe communities.

Fatma and her children are among 1,200 refugees who now live in Korsi, a new neighbourhood in the northern city of Birao.

New water wells, farmlands and psychosocial services are helping families start over.

"Life is still tough" says Bakita, a refugee woman participating in a sewing group, "but at least we feel safe now."

Locals have given refugees a warm welcome and are including them in community activities. Recently, residents and refugees celebrated the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha together.

Fafa Olivier Attidzah, UNHCR Representative, says that, in Korsi, Sudanese refugees can “find a kind of home, a certain level of stability, and hope”.

Focusing on education

UNHCR is also developing education projects that will offer inclusive, quality education for refugee and local children alike.

“These boys and girls need to continue their education,” says Ali Issa, a Sudanese refugee in Korsi. “We only speak Arabic and English, so learning French is an opportunity for our children. It is essential that they learn the language to be able to express themselves, and to express our needs."

“My hope is that young people can return home to rebuild our country. For my part, I would simply like to see with my own eyes the day when we will be back.”

Central African Republic_Sudanese-refugee-Ali Issa
© UNHCR/Josselin Brémaud
Ali Issa addresses the community about peaceful coexistence during the Eid al Adha celebration.

Even in a safe community, refugees need help to rebuild their lives. Thanks to our donors, UNHCR is providing:

  • Family and community shelters
  • Land to grow crops and establish livelihoods
  • Water pumps, latrines and shower facilities
  • Vitamin supplements and vaccines 
  • Child-friendly spaces and listening centres for vulnerable women and girls.

Our teams remain committed to helping refugees heal and find safety in Korsi. But with nearly six million people displaced by Sudan’s ongoing conflict, much more assistance is needed.

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