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Your Will can be their refuge

When you think about preparing a Will, it’s only natural to consider your loved ones first and foremost. Many people also find a place in their Will to leave a Legacy,  to reflect other important aspects of their lives – the issues that concern them most and the causes they believe in. We are grateful you are considering including a bequest for Australia for UNHCR. By remembering Australia for UNHCR in your Will, you will enable us to continue our lifesaving work, beyond your lifetime. 

Your legacy will help the world’s most vulnerable people. Without your support, our work would simply not be possible.

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Meet Dorothy, Stephanie & John

Our bequestors come from many different parts of the communities and have different reasons for leaving a bequest for Australia for UNHCR.

Whatever their reasons, their bequest will make an impact on individuals, communities and in some instances save lives, educate many or provide livelihoods that will help impact refugees in a positive way.

Here are Dorothy, Stephanie & John, sharing their stories on what connects them to refugees and why they decided to leave a bequest.

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Meet Dorothy

Supporting refugees is an issue close to Dorothy’s heart. For 23 years, she was Principal of Holroyd High School in Sydney, where more than half of students have a refugee background. Through her leadership, she helped students to achieve their goals, rebuild their lives and have hope for the future.

"As teachers, we have a duty of care for the children we work with. But beyond that, I just couldn’t turn my back on the injustice and unfairness I was seeing these refugee kids go through. I couldn’t ignore the inequality. I wanted to help on the global scale by donating to Australia for UNHCR"

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Meet Madeleine

Inspired by her parents to ‘live beyond her own nose’ and acknowledge her privilege in a world of shared humanity, Madeleine decided to leave a gift to Australia for UNHCR in her Will.

“I’ve been very fortunate in my life. I’ve retired now but I spent many years working in jobs I enjoyed, surrounded by family and friends and living in my own home. I’ve got everything I need, and then some. For most of us here in Australia, if we need help, there is help available. In places of turmoil, there often isn’t.”

“When I read about, or see on the news, the work that UNHCR does, I’m amazed. To look at the staff on the ground, going into the places they do to help refugees – I could no
sooner do that sort of work than fly, but if I can help a little from here in Australia, I will.”

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Meet Stephanie

In 1929, Stephanie’s father came to Australia on documents issued to displaced persons by the League of Nations. Her decision to leave a gift to Australia for UNHCR was triggered by footage of Syrian refugees in despair.

“How lucky we are as Australians to enjoy security and stability. I am conscious that poor countries like Bangladesh and Lebanon have, for the most part, not turned their backs on neighbours seeking refuge. They now endure a huge burden in providing for the long term care of refugees. UNHCR now faces an unprecedented demand for its services. Shamefully, millions of people are forcibly displaced worldwide, over half of whom are children. Many of these have no other assistance than that they receive from UNHCR. It is critically underfunded for the job it must now do.”

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Bequest manager, Aylin Salt

Meet Aylin

Planned Giving Manager

Australia for UNHCR, aligns with my values: integrity, trust and making a positive impact in the world. My role at Australia for UNHCR allows me to help make a difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the world with the support of our donors. I love that I can build strong relationships with our incredibly generous donor community along the way. Please get in contact with me, if you are considering a gift in your Will or have included a gift in your Will and we can discuss in more detail the impact you can make in the future of refugees.

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