Dorothy Hoddinott
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Your Will can be their refuge

With her bequest, Dorothy’s passion for refugees will live on.

How do you want to be remembered? For your compassion, generosity and kindness? One of the most inspiring ways to ensure the values you care about live on is to leave a bequest.

Supporting refugees is an issue close to Dorothy’s heart. For 23 years, she was principal of Holroyd High School in Sydney, where more than half of students have a refugee background. Through her leadership, she helped students to achieve their goals, rebuild their lives and have hope for the future. By remembering Australia for UNHCR in your will, you too can make a lasting impact on the lives of families forced to leave their homes in search of safety. You can ensure they receive vital support, even beyond your lifetime, providing protection, food, water, shelter, education and healthcare to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Here Dorothy shares why she chose to leave a bequest to Australia for UNHCR and ensure her passion for supporting refugees will live on.

Dorothy Hoddinott
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Dorothy is leaving a bequest to Australia for UNHCR in her will © Supplied

Why have you been so motivated to support refugees over the years?

As teachers, we have a duty of care for the children we work with. But beyond that, I just couldn’t turn my back on the injustice and unfairness I was seeing these refugee kids go through. I couldn’t ignore the inequality. I wanted to help on the global scale by donating to Australia for UNHCR, but also within my own community and school. We should all be supporting.

Why did you decide to leave a bequest in your will to Australia for UNHCR?

I became a donor to Australia for UNHCR many years ago, and when you get to a certain age it’s important to start considering your will and how you allocate a lifetime of accumulated assets. I asked myself how my support could have the greatest value and impact, and leaving some of my assets to Australia for UNHCR was part of that. When there is a humanitarian crisis, UNHCR is there on the ground.

Dorothy With Two Refugee Students
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Dorothy Hoddinott with two refugee students at their graduation.© Supplied

What would you say to someone considering leaving a bequest to support refugees?

There’s been such a huge increase in recent times of the number of people displaced. The reality for most refugees is that they won’t be resettled. For internally displaced people, their home may not exist anymore.

When we support refugees, we’re doing something to alleviate the suffering of people who may not have anything else apart from the clothes on their back. They need our support, especially the millions of refugee children who often live with little hope for the future.

By leaving a gift to Australia for UNHCR, no matter how large or small, you can create a legacy that saves lives.


For more information about leaving a gift in your Will please contact our Planned Giving Manager Aylin Salt on (02) 9276 6871 or [email protected] or download your free bequest guide here