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Two years on: Ukrainian families still need urgent assistance

With your support, UNHCR is delivering emergency aid to Ukrainians and helping them rebuild their lives.

This February marks two years since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which triggered the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

More than six million people are still living as refugees, while another three million are displaced inside Ukraine.

Fierce attacks continue, destroying homes, hospitals and energy infrastructure. Families are sheltering in crowded accommodation centres or badly damaged houses, while a bitter winter increases the need for life-saving aid.

Despite the immense challenges, resilient Ukrainians such as Tatiana and Anton have been able to return home and start rebuilding their lives – thanks to your support.

Tatiana rebuilds her home

Tatiana and her three children were celebrating her birthday just days before the war started in February 2022.

“It was amazing. Nobody expected what would come to be,” Tatiana says. “We were asleep when the explosions started and the sky turned red.”

Single mother of three rebuilds her home in war-torn village of Ukraine
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Tatiana and her three children returned to Kyselivka to rebuild their war-torn home.

Her village of Kyselivka in southern Ukraine was occupied by the Russian forces for nine months. Struggling to survive and find food for her family during the occupation, she fled to the city of Mykolaiv.

When Kyselivka was liberated, Tatiana and her family returned to find their home destroyed. UNHCR helped the family repair the roof and walls and provided them with a heater.

“I received a stove with help from UNHCR and we are warm now, thanks to it.”

Helping Anton stay warm

Anton, 85, and his wife lived a comfortable life in Kyselivka before the war started.

When the village came under attack, Anton was injured by a missile strike. His son took him to a nearby hospital, where he received treatment. Anton and his wife then found safety in the city of Odesa.

UNHCR partners help repair Anton's home
© UNHCR/Nikola Ivanovski
“The heater will help us a lot when my family visits. It will warm the room they stay in.”

Recently, they returned to their home and found it in ruins.

“Everything disappeared,” says Anton. “There was no ceiling, the house was destroyed and there was no summer kitchen.”

UNHCR helped Anton and his family repair their home and provided them with a heater, keeping them warm throughout winter.

Your donation in action

With your support, UNHCR and its partners are distributing cash assistance so Ukrainians can buy food, medicine and warm clothing. Our teams are also providing shelter support, legal aid and counselling to help families recover from the trauma of war.

But with no end to the war in sight, Ukrainians need more support.

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