Poland. Refugees in Poland receive winter support
© UNHCR/Anna Liminowicz
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Hanna’s dream: To reunite with her family in a peaceful Ukraine

The people of Ukraine need your support more than ever as they endure a second winter at war.

At a distribution centre in Poland run by a UNHCR partner, Hanna waits to collect winter clothes for her children and skimmed milk for her baby.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Hanna fled fighting in Kyiv with her two children and sought safety in Warsaw. Now facing a second winter away from home, she says she is grateful for your support. 

“This assistance is a lifeline for me,” says Hanna. “Kids grow fast. They need new clothes and healthy food.” 

Another winter has arrived

Heavy snowfalls and plummeting temperatures across Ukraine are causing civilian casualties, power outages and significant challenges for vulnerable people, particularly in frontline communities. 

UNHCR and partners are providing humanitarian support to those in need.

Philippe Leclerc, UNHCR Regional Director for Europe, recently returned from a trip to Ukraine: 

“The destruction across the country from the hostilities is overwhelming. I saw houses and schools completely destroyed or heavily damaged… While the war continues without an end in sight, people and communities are working on rebuilding homes and lives. As we approach the second-year mark of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it is vital that humanitarian funding be sustained and expanded,” he said.

Your support in action

This winter, UNHCR will reach approximately 900,000 people with crucial support, such as cash assistance for increased energy bills, warm clothing, heating appliances and assistance with insulating homes.  

With your help, UNHCR has so far provided: 

  • 460,000 people with cash grants so they can buy winter clothing, medicine and other essentials
  • 76,000 people with winter relief items such as quilts, clothing and thermoses
  • 2,343 households with shelter support, including home insulation kits.
Poland. Refugees in Poland receive winter support
© UNHCR/Anna Liminowicz
Your donations are helping Ukrainian refugees like Hanna provide food, clothing and other essentials for their children.

Hanna’s biggest dream is to reunite with her family in a peaceful Ukraine.

Your generous gifts are making a huge difference for people like Hanna, both in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries. But much more help is needed to make Hanna’s dream come true.

Please send winter support to Ukrainian families today.

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