Introducing the most life-changing network you’ll ever be part of

When we support and empower refugee women, the entire community benefits. We see it every day.

That’s why we’re proud to have launched the Leading Women Fund – a unique community of donors committed to supporting refugee women all over the world.

This Mother's Day, celebrate the power of women and motherhood by giving a Syrian refugee woman the opportunity to participate in our innovative micro-business incubator in Jordan. Your one-off gift of $204 will secure a refugee woman’s place in this unique program. To donate, please click here

Every donation to the Fund goes directly to projects that empower women, building their resilience and providing opportunities to help them realise their potential.

But that’s not all.

When you donate, you’ll connect with a network of dynamic Australian women who are passionate about empowering female refugees around the world. You’ll be part of a community that's a force for change with plenty of opportunities to get involved.

  • GIVE: Your regular donation of $230 every four weeks - or $3000 a year - helps a refugee woman to cover basic expenses such as rent, bills and food. Your support, delivered in the form of cash assistance, empowers her to make the best financial decisions for herself and her family.
  • LEARN: You’ll attend exclusive webinars and special events with inspiring refugee women, UNHCR women leaders and field experts. You’ll also receive our regular curated newsletter with inside stories from the field and profiles of your fellow Leading Women Fund donors. Our LWF podcast is launching late 2021 and a broad and diverse range of guests including senior UNHCR women leaders, field workers, refugees and other members of the Leading Women Fund. Our podcast will also be hosted by Australia for UNHCR National Director Naomi Steer.
  • CONNECT: You’ll be invited to in-person and online networking events with other Fund donors such as our Leading Women Fund Ambassador, and Boost Juice founder, Janine Allis; connect with one another via our invite-only LinkedIn group, and, best of all, you will have the opportunity to connect directly with a refugee woman supported by the Fund using UNHCR’s ground-breaking app Connecting Worlds.
  • CO-CREATE: Contributing your skills, knowledge and energy, you’ll help shape future Leading Women Fund projects, co-creating the initiatives that will positively change refugee women's lives.
  • LEAD: Becoming part of this unique global movement will equip you with accurate information, and the tools to help you advocate for some of the most marginalised women in the world – helping refugee women and their families back on the path toward a safe and stable future.

For more information on the Leading Women Fund, check out our FAQ section.


“The Leading Women Fund is really important because it gives practical solutions but also gives something intangible – the light of hope. I joined the Fund because I have a real passion for seeing people uplifted,”Kudzai, Leading Women Fund donor

“The Leading Women Fund [Connecting Worlds] App provided us with the technology to connect real life time, real life people via an app on our phone.”Penny, Leading Women Fund donor

“Honestly it was beautiful to share my feelings with another woman my age,” – Reem, Syrian urban refugee, Jordan

“You’re bringing together the power of women, the power of our compassion and the sense of connectedness that we have with other women around the world.”Kim, Leading Women Fund donor



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