A young Yemeni girl eats a packet of Plumpy Nut, a high calorie food used in famine relief.
© UNHCR/Hugh Macleod

Yemen Crisis

Yemen remains one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises.

After nine years of devastating and unrelenting conflict, 21 million people depend on humanitarian assistance. 

Yemen faces a crisis of protection and displacement where millions of people suffer the effects of war, climate shocks, economic deterioration, and disrupted services. Ongoing conflict has left two-thirds of the population dependent on humanitarian aid.

The more than four million people who are displaced inside the country are particularly vulnerable. They are languishing in desperate conditions, away from home and deprived of basic needs. 

With rampant inflation and few livelihood opportunities, families can no longer afford basic meals. To put food on the table, many displaced families are selling off belongings, pulling children out of school and sending them to work, begging on the streets, or eating just once a day.

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“We live on a day-to-day basis, never knowing how we will feed ourselves.”

Lubna, internally displaced in Yemen

Internally displaced Yemeni mother, Lubna, holds her child after fleeing escalating fighting.
© UNHCR/Marie-Joëlle Jean-Charles

Lubna’s Story

Lubna escaped escalating fighting in the country’s south-west with her husband, children and other family members. The violence in their region was already making it hard for them to find food, and they decided to flee after their home was damaged.

One of Lubna’s most pressing concerns is how she will be able to continue feeding her children. The family received cash from UNHCR when they first fled, allowing them to buy food and seek medical assistance, but they are in urgent need of ongoing support.

Shelter Kits

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“She wants to write like her brothers and sisters, but she is too young for school. God willing, she will go.”

Four-year-old internally displaced Yemeni girl, Umaimah, practises writing in the makeshift shelter she shares with her parents and five siblings.

Girl with notepad looks at camera. Displaced Yemeni girl, Umaimah, practices writing in her makeshift shelter.
© UNHCR/Marie-Joëlle Jean-Charles

About Yemen Crisis

What is the Yemen Crisis?

After nine years of devastating and unrelenting conflict, Yemen remains one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises.

Fighting in Yemen, already one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, has severely compounded needs arising from long years of poverty and insecurity. The worsening violence has disrupted millions of lives, resulting in widespread casualties and massive displacement, and the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Civilians bear the brunt of the crisis, with more than 21 million Yemenis now in need of humanitarian assistance. Those forced to flee their homes are especially at risk. More than 4 million people now languish in desperate conditions, away from home and deprived of basic needs. 

How can I help the Yemen Food Crisis?

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