Torrential monsoon rains and gale-force winds have hit Bangladesh, threatening the lives of thousands of Rohingya refugees.

Over 720,000 Rohingya men, women and children have been forced to flee to Bangladesh since violence broke out in Myanmar in August 2017.

Although they have reached safety, the dangers are far from over. Monsoon season has brought floods and landslides to the makeshift settlements, putting hundreds of thousands of lives at serious risk. What is already a humanitarian crisis could turn into a full-scale catastrophe.  

UNHCR is rushing life-saving aid to Bangladesh and relocating the most vulnerable families to safer ground.

We must get shelter materials, clean water, essential supplies, sanitation and health services to these families now. We urgently need your help.

What can you do to help?

A gift today will help provide:

> Monsoon Emergency Kits to help families strengthen their shelters.
> Emergency shelter and relocation for families in dangerous areas.
> Vital supplies to health centres to treat the sick and prevent disease outbreaks.  

Every day of monsoonal rain is a day too late to avoid catastrophic disease outbreaks and further suffering for Rohingya families.

Your donations in action

Mohammad Alam and his family's shelter is at risk from flooding

Shelter Shelter

Rohingya families are walking barefoot for days to reach safety in Bangladesh.

Safe Places Safe Places

Rohingya refugees prepare for the monsoon by building new reinforced shelters with materials supplied by UNHCR.

Shelter Shelter

Many Rohingya women and children are arriving without husbands and fathers.

Reuniting Families Reuniting Families
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