Life-saving assistance is urgently needed

After months of violent clashes between federal and regional forces, civilians in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are in crisis.

Last November, violent clashes between federal and regional forces forced an estimated 1.7 million people to flee. Many refugees, internally displaced persons and host communities have endured months of conflict with extremely limited assistance, leading to a significant escalation in humanitarian needs.

In the past week, renewed fighting has placed civilians at risk, with reports of women and children being killed and hundreds of civilians have been wounded or killed in air strikes on a market.

Fearing for their lives and the lives of their families, more than 61,000 refugees from Ethiopia have fled to Sudan since the beginning of November, seeking safety from the ongoing clashes.

Tens of thousands of refugees have been relocated to camps and settlements in Sudan, and UNHCR and partners continue to establish community structures at all sites.

There are nearly 90,000 refugees living in Tigray region and general living and operating conditions inside Tigray are becoming more difficult with regular power outages, and food and fuel supplies becoming extremely scarce.

More than 350,000 people in Tigray are facing catastrophic levels of food insecurity due to most of Tigray’s crop harvest being lost in 2020. As a result, Tigray is on the brink of famine and hunger looms for 5.5 million people.

Furthermore, reports of human rights atrocities are widespread, particularly against women and young girls.

We need your support urgently to ensure men, women and children have access to safety and the services they need to survive.


Elderly female refugee fleeing the Ethiopian crisis in the country's northern Tigray region, crosses the border into Hamdayet, Sudan

Ethiopian refugees fleeing clashes in the country's northern Tigray region, cross the border into Hamdayet, Sudan. © UNHCR/Hazim Elhag

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UNHCR is urgently working to prepare temporary shelter for refugees

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UNHCR needs your help to provide Ethiopian refugees with emergency assistance 

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UNHCR is screening and registering fleeing families

Shelter Shelter

After two weeks of fighting, thousands of Ethiopian refugees are fleeing to Sudan

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