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About Aiming Higher

Talent is universal. Opportunity is not.

Aiming Higher is helping refugees take control of their futures through higher education. With your support, we can help refugees earn an undergraduate degree, rebuild their lives and give back to their communities.

The demand for DAFI scholarships has never been higher. Despite the thousands of applications, just one in six students was successful in 2022.

Your generous donation can provide more scholarships for ambitious refugee students. By helping to cover tuition and living expenses, you’ll help a young refugee achieve their dreams.

Empowering women through higher education

Refugee women often have fewer opportunities than men due to financial constraints, early marriage, childbearing and gender bias.

UNHCR is committed to redressing this imbalance and achieving equal gender representation among refugee students by 2025. There are currently 2,600 women in the DAFI program. UNHCR aims for an additional 5,050 women to be enrolled by 2025.

Raïssa's Story

Raïssa is from the Central African Republic. She lost her mother when she was three years old. Her father, who had a history of alcohol problems and abuse, was not in a position to raise his children, and they were left in the care of their aunt who mistreated them.

Nevertheless, Raïssa found the strength to pursue her education and was always first in her class.

"I was constantly telling myself: you must do whatever it takes to succeed," she says.

Raïssa fled to Chad with two siblings when she was 16, just before finishing Year 10.

"We didn't have any money," she says. "Life was very difficult. I worked at a bar and restaurant to pay for school."

In her second year of school in Chad, Raïssa fell pregnant. However, she was determined to continue her education.

"Life was tough. I was mostly studying in the night, while my son was asleep. Eventually, I did obtain my Baccalaureate. I never gave up. You know, in life, nothing is easy. It is all about courage."

A DAFI scholarship enabled Raïssa to enrol in a degree in communications and marketing at Emi Koussi University in N’Djamena, Chad.

"I had tears in my eyes. Today, thanks to the scholarship, I can manage. My son goes to school, I go to university."

Raïssa has completed her final-year internship at a mobile phone company. She says her marketing degree has empowered her to be independent and pursue her career goals.

"Marketing is a good fit for me; I really enjoy it. I’ve always wanted to be independent. I want to be creative, to be a leader, one step at a time. I am very curious and always keen on learning new things."

“I had tears in my eyes. Today, thanks to the scholarship, I can manage. My son goes to school, I go to university.”

Raïssa, a UNHCR scholarship student, and her son walk to Sunday mass.

Raïssa, 23, from the Central African Republic, is a third-year student of Communications and Marketing at Emi Koussi University in N'Djamena, Chad, on a DAFI scholarship. She is the single mother of a four-year old boy. Despite the countless challenges she has faced in her life, she has never given up and has always found the resources and strength to pursue her education
© UNHCR/Antoine Tardy

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