A brutal winter is closing in across the Middle East. Help families survive another winter in a war zone.

As we prepare for the festive season here in Australia, refugee families across the Middle East are bracing themselves for the onslaught of a bitter winter.

Already forced into extreme poverty after years of war, displaced families will now be forced to defend themselves and their children against snowstorms, hypothermia and frostbite.

Many families have no option but to live in flimsy shelters in refugee camps and informal settlements, or in abandoned, unheated buildings in urban areas. In Iraq, families are returning to find their neighbourhoods reduced to rubble and they remain homeless as winter approaches.

Australia for UNHCR is launching a Winter Survival Fund to help families protect themselves before the worst of the weather sets in.

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The Winter Survival Fund will help refugees survive at three key levels:

Imagine trying to keep a baby warm in a tent with the snow piling up outside. When UNHCR met 27-year-old Yasmine, she was pregnant and living in a tent on the outskirts of Baghdad. Before baby Ritaj was born, UNHCR moved the family into a Refugee Housing Unit. 

“We were afraid that winter would come and we would still be living there [in the tent]. We heard that many tents were flooded and people lost everything. It was such a relief. The shelters are more private and safe, especially for Ritaj. She needs a warm space and the shelter provides this…much more than tents.”
- Yasmine

One generous gift from you this Christmas will enable more mothers like Yasmine to protect their children from the cold. 

UNHCR is the only organisation that can provide winter relief on this scale to families like Yasmine's. But we cannot do it without your help. ©UNHCR/H. Marouf

Give a warm home to a refugee this Christmas

Your donations in action

After a snowstorm hit Aisha's family's tent, UNHCR stepped in to help.

Supplies Supplies

Mohammad will be warm this Christmas, thanks to people like you

Supplies Supplies

This housing unit was a lifeline for Mohammed and his family

The power of one heater for the Waleed family

Cash Assistance Cash Assistance

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