18 October 2018

Australia for UNHCR is supporting the #KidsOffNauru campaign and calling for all refugee children and their families on Nauru to be immediately evacuated to Australia.

There are few principles more fundamental to UNHCR’s mandate than the protection of children fleeing conflict.

Australia for UNHCR has a long history of supporting displaced children. We enabled family tracing programs for Eritrean refugee children who lost their families. We delivered trauma counselling for Rohingya children who fled Myanmar. And we are funding healthcare for newborns in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Tragically, children account for half of the 68 million people worldwide displaced by violence. Last year at least 173,000 were separated from their families while fleeing. And here in our own region, the detention of refugee children and their families on Nauru continues to draw widespread and growing condemnation, prompting the urgent #KidsOffNauru petition.

#KidsOffNauru calls on the Australian Parliament to act to bring every child detained on Nauru and their family to Australia by Universal Children's Day, on November 20. They should be either resettled in Australia or in another suitable country which welcomes them.

The campaign was initiated by World Vision Australia. It is supported by hundreds of organisations across Australia, and is rapidly gaining signatures from a broad section of society.

All refugee children, wherever they are in the world, deserve to be protected, have adequate healthcare and continue their education.

The situation is now well beyond policy debate – this is about urgent humanitarian welfare.

Whatever the solution, locking up children is not it.

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For recent UNHCR statements about Australian offshore detention, please visit:

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Australia for UNHCR media enquiries, please contact:

Mark Macdonald, Head of Communications, Australia for UNHCR - mmacdona[email protected]
Wendy Bruere, Media & PR Officer, Australia for UNHCR - [email protected]


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