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Your Will can be their refuge: Neville’s story

With his bequest, Neville’s passion for refugees will live on.

Paul Arthur’s late father, Neville, left a bequest to Australia for UNHCR, ensuring his passion for refugees leaves a lasting legacy. Paul shares why his dad, who was a chemistry lecturer, chose to leave a bequest to Australia for UNHCR.

Why did your dad choose to leave a gift in his Will to A4U?

My dad was very passionate about human rights and supporting refugees and migrants. He had the chance to travel overseas and was highly aware of conflict in the world, and wanted to help people when they arrived in Australia. He was always concerned about how refugees and migrants were treated here in Australia and the discrimination they experienced, and he tried to do what he could to support them.

Did you dad have a personal connection to refugees or displaced people?

My mum’s family arrived from Ukraine after the Second World War. They were displaced after war and stayed in camps in Germany and eventually they arrived in Australia. I think this personal experience with my mum’s family made him very conscious of refugees’ experiences and he wanted to support them.

He was also so appalled by Australia’s treatment of refugees, and believed if the government wasn’t going to step up then individuals should. He truly believed in giving back to society and saw it as his obligation to contribute.

What would you say to someone considering leaving a gift in their Will to support refugees?

It’s such a vital area and the money is aimed at individuals – supporting livelihoods and helping refugees and displaced people to rebuild their lives.

Has your dad’s bequest made an impact on your own decision to leave a gift in your Will to an organisation or cause you feel strongly about?

I was lucky I was able to discuss my dad’s Will with him when he was alive. My dad chose causes he really believed in. I have been inspired by his decision. I believe if we can, then we should give back to society though organisations that make a difference.

There’s a lot more space for giving in our society and he’s certainly impacted me in a positive way.

Neville Langsford Arthur
© Paul Arthur
Paul Arthur’s late father, Neville Arthur.

How do you want to be remembered? One of the most inspiring ways to ensure your values live on is to leave a gift in your Will, like Neville.

For more information about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact our Planned Giving Manager, Aylin Salt, on (02) 9276 6871 or [email protected].


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