Members of the school community came together on Multicultural Day to raise money for those forced to flee.
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Townsville Grammar School fundraises for refugees on Multicultural Day

Members of the school community came together on Multicultural Day to raise money for those forced to flee. 

In March, Townsville Grammar School hosted a fundraiser for Australia for UNHCR in celebration of Multicultural Day. Students, teachers and parents came together to raise over $3,100 in support of refugees and displaced people. We spoke to Victoria, a student at Townsville Grammar School, about the creative fundraising activities and what motivates the community to give.

Can you tell us more about your fundraising?

The Multicultural Event is our main fundraising activity, held during Bullying Awareness Week in March. The purpose of the event was to celebrate and share all the amazing and diverse cultures we have in the community while raising money for refugees and displaced people along the way. Attendees purchased different valued tickets, food and souvenirs with proceeds going to Australia for UNHCR. In the lead up to the event, we also did other fundraising activities like car washes, raffles and bake sales.

We’re very proud of how it turned out, with different communities, staff and families helping us by donating and setting up food stalls, cultural performances, speeches and more. Staff and students also came in their cultural attire for the event, conveying the beauty of each culture.

Why did you choose to start fundraising for refugees?

Townsville Grammar School is a diverse and multicultural school, with boarders and day students from all over the world. Fundraising for refugees is important to many in the school community, considering all the conflicts happening around the world and the high number of forcibly displaced people. Fundraising helps us spread awareness about the issues faced by refugees and allows us to provide support for them.

Did you encounter any challenges?

We encountered a few challenges in the process of organising and hosting the event. As this was a large-scale event, we struggled with time management and keeping up with the tasks and goals we set for ourselves. We also struggled to coordinate various activities like performances and the food stalls. Most importantly, we had to ensure that all cultures were respected and represented fairly throughout the day. Ultimately, with the help of many student volunteers and third-party guests, the event was successful.

Do you have any fundraising tips?

When it comes to fundraising, we learned that one of the most helpful things is publicity. Spreading the word for a fundraiser is very difficult, especially if one does not have access to a large social media platform or following. In addition to using social media, we would suggest also putting an announcement in the local news or in the form of flyers.

Why do you think Australians should support this cause?

Australians should support UNHCR because global issues need collective action. Supporting UNHCR can provide crucial aid and protection for refugees fleeing conflict, persecution and human rights violations. By fundraising or offering support, we can help refugees and displaced people rebuild their lives. Showing solidarity with those in need and upholding values of compassion and justice are reflective of our commitment to human rights and shared humanity. Even a small contribution can significantly impact UNHCR’s vital work.