In a world facing record levels of displacement, your support matters now more than ever.

Here are five ways your donations are put into action – 365 days of the year.

1. You shelter families who’ve lost everything

When Khalid went back to his home in Falluja, Iraq, two years after fleeing, he found it had been looted and burned. “We had lost everything,” says Khalid’s wife, Thana’a. Thanks to your support, UNHCR was there to help. Walls were repaired and electricity was rewired, allowing the family to return home.

“This help was a lifeline,” says Thana’a.

When families are forced to flee, one of their main concerns is finding a safe place for their children to sleep. Imagine the relief they feel when they finally reach safety and, thanks to you, UNHCR is there to provide them with a shelter. When it is safe to return home, UNHCR provides families like Khalid’s with shelter materials and ‘sealing off’ kits to make their homes secure again.

The simplest shelter can be life-changing for families escaping conflict. Find out more →  

2. You provide safe water

How often do you turn on the tap? For people who’ve been forced to flee, clean water is often not easy to come by. Thanks to you, refugees and displaced people around the world have access to safe water for drinking, cooking and keeping clean.

Helena, a refugee mother of two in Mozambique, is very happy with the new borehole UNHCR helped build near her home. “Being able to get water so close to my house has given me so much more time. I also feel more secure because I don't have to worry about snakes on the paths," says Helena.

3. You help refugees receive healthcare

People fleeing conflict often reach safety malnourished and in poor health. With your support, UNHCR strives to ensure all refugees can access quality healthcare.

Farah is smaller and weighs less than an average eight-year-old. When her family fled from Syria to Jordan, they had so little that she often only ate bread with olive oil and spices.

Thanks to your donations, UNHCR is making sure Farah has free access to a doctor, dentist and nutritionist.

Inspired by the people who are helping her, Farah wants to become a doctor because “I need to support other people,” she says.

Find out more about how UNHCR supports displaced families → 

4. You protect people forced to flee

Having an address and identity documents may not seem like a big deal for some but for refugees like Dolu, they are life-saving. “I’m old, sick and tired of moving,” she says. The 75-year-old is among hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees forced to flee Myanmar last year. When she arrived at Kutupalong camp in Bangladesh, she was identified through UNHCR’s family counting teams. They provided Dolu with an identification card to help her access essential aid and services.

“Finally, I have an address… My life will be stable now,” Dolu says.

With your support, UNHCR ensures vulnerable refugees and displaced people receive the protection and support they need to survive.

5. You give children the chance to go to school

An extra one million refugee children: that’s how many young people you helped UNHCR enrol in school last year.

Twelve-year-old Afrah is determined to pursue her dreams despite the war in Yemen.

“I really want to stay in school, but it has been difficult to study,” Afrah.

With your support, UNHCR has supplied 300,000 textbooks to Yemeni public schools, including the school where these girls study. “I am happy because I finally have books to study with,” says Afrah. “I want to stay in school to finish my education so I can become a doctor.”

Find out more about how we're helping refugee children find a way back to school →

Thank you for helping to protect and support the world’s refugees. Together, let’s empower refugees to build a better future.

Stand #WithRefugees and add your voice to a global movement demanding for the rights of refugees.
7 Ways Your Donations Make a Difference

Khalid Hamid, his wife Thana’a and their children stand outside their war-damaged house in Falluja, Iraq. Thanks to you, UNHCR was able to help the family rebuild their home. ©UNHCR/Caroline Gluck

7 Ways Your Donations Make a Difference

Your donations helped give refugees and locals in Mozambique access to clean water. ©UNHCR/Tina Ghelli

In Jordan, UNHCR works with local partners to provide free healthcare to vulnerable refugees like Farah, 8.  ©UNHCR/Esna Ong

7 Ways Your Donations Make a Difference

Your donations help UNHCR provide protection and life-saving services to refugees like Dolu, 75, in Bangladesh. ©UNHCR/Roger Arnold

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