Questions about the Leading Women Fund

What difference will my donation make?
Can you tell me more about the Leading Women Fund community?
When will the app use begin and end? How long does it run for?
Am I qualified to talk to a refugee woman? She’s been through so much and I am not a counsellor.
Do the women speak English? How will my new friend understand me?
I am privileged and safe, what could I possibly say of value to a refugee woman? Will I upset her by talking about my life?
What happens after the app ends?
What future programs after this one can I be involved in?
The donation amount is high, can I co-fund with a friend or group?
Can I donate through my workplace giving program and have the donation matched?
I donate every four weeks, where are my receipts?

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You can help

Make a donation

Every donation makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of refugees.

Organise a fundraiser

Host a bake sale, climb a mountain or do a fun run to raise funds for vital aid.