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Father's Day

Father's Day

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A safe classroom

Help provide a safe learning environment for 40 children

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Training for healthcare staff

Training for healthcare staff

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One month's teacher's salary
School fees

Help a father send his children to school.

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Personal protective equipment

Pay for personal protective equipment for healthcare staff

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Father bundle

Dramatically improve the chances of survival for a father and their baby.

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A refugee father holds his two young sons
A cash lifeline

Help a refugee father provide for their families during COVID-19

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Life-saving vaccinations

Pay for a delivery kit that ensures fathers can protect their children from disease

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Seeds and farming tools

You can help a family to grow their own food

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Sports equipment for children

Give sports equipment to refugee children

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Afghanistan Australia For Unhcr Mission 2002 Water Taps 1
Two months of clean water

Give a displaced family clean water for 2 months in Afghanistan

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refugee washes hands at UNHCR sanitation station
Hand washing stations

Provide hand washing stations in camps to stop the spread of COVID-19

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Face Masks

Pay for a skilled refugee to make ten non-surgical cloth masks for use in the refugee camps.

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