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Kenya. New Arrivals Copyrights Min
Uganda. Clean Water At Nakivale Refugee Camp In Isingiro District In Southwest Uganda Min
Most Needed
One year of clean water

Give a year’s worth of clean water to a refugee family

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Ukraine. Collective Site For Internally Displaced Persons Min
A package to help reunite families

Reunite a refugee family

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Afghanistan. Deputy High Commissioner Visits Herat Province Min
A life-saving essentials pack

Help a refugee family stay safe and healthy

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Thermal blankets

Provide a family with thermal blankets to help them stay warm during the freezing winter

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RF1241408 20220629026 XEM9865 Esj (1) Min
Life-saving food

Buy a child life-saving therapeutic food

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Moldova. UNHCR Delivers Humanitarian Relief Items For Refugees And Vulnerable Local Communities Min
A winter survival kit

Help displaced families survive the winter

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Kenya. Kakuma Kalobeyei Stars FC (3) Min
Sports equipment for children

Help refugee children rediscover their love for sport this Christmas

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RF1296250 Unhcrrwanda 20230726 0020 (1) Min
A latrine for a family

Build a latrine for a family

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Wbmozambique. Internally Displaced Father And Daughters In Cabo Delgado. (1) Min
A cash lifeline

Help a refugee family this Christmas

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RF1299766 Mission Farchana 15 18082023 29 (1) Min
A temporary refugee housing unit

Give a refugee family of five a temporary housing unit to keep them safe

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Seeds and farm tools
Farming tools and seeds

You can help refugee families to grow their own food

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Five months of clean water
Five months of clean water

Give a family clean water for 5 months

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refugee washes hands at UNHCR sanitation station
Hand washing stations

Provide hand washing stations in camps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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Solar Lanterns Distributed In Devastated Coastal Region Tile
Solar lanterns

Offer access to light at night to a displaced refugee family

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Pakistan. UNHCR Provides Emergency Support In Flood Stricken Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Min
Most Needed
A tent insulation kit

Give temporary camp homes to protect refugees

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Woman gets temperature tested in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19
A training for healthcare staff

Pay for training for healthcare staff

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