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Help protect the right to seek safety

Around the world, the right to seek safety from war, violence and persecution is under threat. Too many people are forced to make life-threatening journeys as they try to find safety.

We cannot stand by and watch this happen. Can you?

Act now. Call on world leaders to protect the rights of people fleeing war, violence and persecution

Becoming a refugee is not a choice

But we can all choose to raise our voices for refugees and uphold their human rights.

Do you look the other way when you see discrimination, injustice and violations of human rights?

Or do you take action?



people are forcibly displaced around the world.

in every 4 refugees

live in low or middle income countries.


people were forced to flee across borders by the end of 2022.

Act now. Call for urgent action to protect the rights of people fleeing war, violence and persecution

Everyone has the right to seek and enjoy asylum. But for many people in many parts of the world this right is under threat. Solidarity with all refugees, everywhere, is needed more than ever to defend and uphold this right.

We are UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. And we ask you to stand in solidarity with people forced to flee and take action to give hope, protection and safeguard their rights.

This December sees a chance to advocate for change as world leaders will come together at the Global Refugee Forum in Switzerland to find solutions for refugees and people displaced from their homes. It’s not just a meeting for them: it’s a chance for all of society and you, too, to show your solidarity and urge leaders to uphold their legal and moral obligations for everyone forced to flee their homes.

Sign our petition now so that we can take your message to world leaders at December’s Global Refugee Forum and show them that compassion and humanity are stronger than fear and suspicion. With your voice added in solidarity, change is more possible.

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