Thousands of Children are alone, scared and searching for safety.

They’re fleeing from conflict on their own and the need has never been greater for these Children.

Thousands of children lose their parents to conflict, or become separated from them while fleeing for their lives. Embarking on perilous journeys with no-one to protect them, they face many dangers, falling prey to wild animals, malnutrition and disease, violence, abuse and exploitation.

This is a global crisis now—and a growing one—with 173,800 unaccompanied and separated refugee children reported in the last 12 months alone.

UNHCR is working on a new program so we can be there for a frightened child fleeing from conflict on their own, helping them feel safe and cared for. We’re calling on Australian citizens to get behind it.

Every day, more vulnerable children are falling through the cracks. Before we can find them and help them, they are disappearing into big cities or into the countryside, where they are easy targets for traffickers, sexual predators, early marriage and child labour.

Add your voice to a global movement demanding governments safeguard children everywhere. Every child has the right to safety, opportunity and nurture.

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