Two years on: help urgently needed now for refugees to survive and thrive

The ongoing Rohingya emergency is one of the biggest and most pressing crises of our time. In late August 2017, amidst unimaginable violence, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya left their homes in Rakhine State, Myanmar, and started their journey towards Bangladesh, in what quickly became the fastest growing refugee influx the world had seen in decades. 

Although many have reached safety, the dangers are far from over. Torrential rains and gale-force winds during monsoon season will put hundreds of thousands of lives at serious risk.

Flooding and landslides have already destroyed hundreds of shelters and could wreak havoc across the settlement's water and sanitation systems. A waterborne disease outbreak would be devastating to the health of families.

UNHCR is on the ground relocating families, installing drainage and distributing emergency supplies to help strengthen shelters. But with months of the monsoon season still to come, we urgently need your help.

What can you do to help?

Your gift today will help provide:

> Emergency tie-down kits and plastic tarpaulins to shelter families. 
> Soap, jerry cans and water purification tablets to protect the health and wellbeing of families.
> Vital supplies in health centres to treat the sick and prevent disease outbreaks.  

Please support Rohingya families


Your donation will help provide vulnerable families with emergency relief and protection to survive the monsoon season.

Your donations in action

Rohingya families threatened by flooding and landslides are being relocated to higher ground.

Safe Places Safe Places

A Rohingya woman prepares for monsoon season by reinforcing her shelter with materials supplied by UNHCR.

Shelter Shelter

Families are relocated to new shelters at Chakmarkul settlement in Cox's Bazar.

Shelter Shelter

Refugee workers rebuild walkways and riverbanks in preparation for monsoon season.

Supplies Supplies
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