Malnutrition threatens millions of displaced people

Populations across Africa and neighbouring Yemen are facing entrenched conflict and drought, leaving agriculture devastated. Millions are now threatened by acute malnutrition.

UNHCR is delivering emergency nutrition and protection to displaced families in every country across the food crisis zone. This includes South Sudan’s Unity State, where famine has been declared, and countries on the brink of famine - Yemen, Somalia and north-eastern Nigeria. Severe food shortages are also threatening refugee populations in Cameroon, Chad, Kenya, Mauritania, Sudan, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Burundi and Ethiopia.

The majority of those affected are women and children. Thousands are fleeing every day, often walking for days or weeks, and arriving at UNHCR settlements exhausted and malnourished.

Australia for UNHCR is appealing for donations to support therapeutic feeding programmes, emergency nutrition and clean water infrastructure for those at risk. Without these urgent interventions, food rations for refugees will be further depleted and child mortality will rise.

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A Somali infant has her upper arm circumference measured to screen for malnutrition

Medicine Medicine

Mothers and babies receive emergency nutrition in a stabilisation centre in South Sudan

Safe Places Safe Places

"To make sure he eats three times a day is the toughest task as a refugee mother" says Arfa

Food Food

Shamha, a displaced Yemeni child, is recovering from malnutrition with the help of UNHCR

Food Food

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