Action Hour

Action Hour for refugees is held annually on 19 August on United Nations World Humanitarian Day.

By getting involved in Action Hour you will be helping to support over 59.5 million refugee women, children and families currently suffering through crisis situations in Syria, Central African Republic and South Sudan.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is responsible for protecting all of these people, but we desperately need your help.

Your support will provide crucial life-saving protection, such as shelter, clean water, sleeping mats & blankets, food and medical care.

Please help UNHCR provide emergency relief to refugees by making a donation today.

  • Children

    $117 can buy 35 jerry cans to help refugee families carry and store clean drinking water.

  • Children

    $500 can save up to 250 lives by providing desperately needed malaria treatments.

  • Children

    $1044 can buy an emergency health kit to meet the medical needs of 5000 new refugee arrivals for one month.

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