“One of the most beautiful and fulfilling reasons to give is out of gratitude.”

Peter Gould, Australia for UNHCR Ambassador

Leading creative designer and Australia for UNHCR’s Ambassador, Peter Gould, is engaging the Australian Muslim community in support of our Islamic Philanthropy initiative to provide life-saving assistance and protection for refugees of all faiths.

Peter’s role comes at a critical time where refugees are dealing with worsening conditions of conflict, violence, persecution and natural disasters. Families are making extraordinary efforts to survive as they are forced to flee and leave behind everything they know.

Sadaqah Jariyah is an act of continuous charity; one that will benefit both the person who gives aid to those in need and the one who receives help – even beyond their lifetime. By sharing your Sadaqah, you can provide refugee families with adequate shelter, access to clean water, medical care, counselling, nutritious food, and help reunite children with their families.


“Dear friends, please join me in supporting the most vulnerable refugees through Australia for UNHCR. We have an amanah to support and protect the 12 million Syrians who have been forcibly displaced after ten years of conflict. I sincerely appreciate your support and kindness.”

Peter Gould, Australia for UNHCR Ambassador

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