Skills, ideas, hopes, dreams – you can deliver them now.

For young refugees already struggling to access higher education, the situation could not be more critical. The crisis is deepening during the pandemic, and funding is at its lowest ever. Please partner with us now.

Take the lead on this global collective action for refugee education. 

​Your support for the DAFI higher education scholarship programme will ensure at least 70 young refugees complete their final year of tertiary study.

Time is crucial. For young refugees, access to education and training does much more than give them knowledge and help them find jobs. It brings meaning to their lives and supports entire communities, giving them the foundations to be independent.

South Sudanese refugee, Kumakech, is a DAFI scholar and third-year student in clinical medicine and community health at Clarke International University in Kampala

South Sudanese refugee, Dramani, is a third-year DAFI scholar in medical laboratory science at Clarke International University in Kampala. © UNHCR/Antoine Tardy

Your Impact

 Your gift will help fund:

  • tuition fees, study materials, food, transport, and accommodation
  • monitoring
  • mentoring
  • extra academic and language classes
  • networking opportunities

And another, deeper benefit…

All these young people have ever known is hardship and heartbreak. You’ll give them back stability, dignity and a sense of normality, and the essential building blocks for a better life. They want to rebuild all that has been lost. And together we can make that happen. You can change their future with your generous gift.



Don’t let them be forgotten

Skills, ideas, hopes, dreams – you can deliver them now.

  • Refugees are five times more likely to be out of school
  • Only 3% of young refugees are in higher education
  • 50% of refugee girls will not return to school after lockdown
From left to right: Benjamin, Oliva, Vickie, Everline and Escol, refugee students at Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda.

Refugee students at Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda. © UNHCR/Antoine Tardy

“Education is perhaps the most powerful tool to ensure nobody is left behind, particularly people on the run who are at such risk of exclusion from the future of humanity.” – Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Your donations in action

Developing potential, nurturing leaders: Why now? 

Protection Protection

How the DAFI programme works

Education Education

Key priorities you will support 

Protection Protection

DAFI scholarship recipient Alice shares her experience after completing her first year of studying Hotel and Restaurant Management in Kigali, Rwanda. 

Counselling Counselling

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