Donate to save exhausted families this Ramadan.

This year, many Yemeni families like Fateem Hadi Jaber and her daughter, Sameera, are spending another Ramadan far from home, living in dire conditions without proper food or shelter.

Fateem and Sameera live on the street after fleeing their home in the neighbouring governorate of Hajjah.

The holy month of Ramadan unites people and celebrates communities sharing their blessings. There’s a heartwarming sense of kindness and generosity at every corner.

Already the poorest country in the Middle East, Yemen is in need of urgent intervention. Without help, many more lives will be lost.

This Ramadan, you can help make a difference in the lives of Yemeni families like Fateem’s.

  • $25 could provide can provide six food assistance packs for refugee families to help prepare Ramadan meals
  • $35 could provide two families of five a Winterisation Kit, containing essentials for staying warm
  • $50 could help buy a sturdy, all-season tent for a refugee family


Fateem Hadi Jaber and her daughter, Sameera, are among millions of Yemenis facing hardship and hunger. © UNHCR/Shabia Mantoo

With UNHCR’s humanitarian supplies at critically low levels, the agency has appealed for US$99.6 million in order to respond to current and anticipated displacement in Yemen, but has so far received less than a quarter of the requested amount. 

Please open your heart and give generously this Ramadan.

Support the  Yemen Emergency


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Every donation makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of refugees.

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