In light of the volatile situation in Venezuela and the alarming number of families fleeing to neighbouring countries, UNHCR has stepped up its humanitarian response.

Venezuela has traditionally hosted thousands of refugees from the region and other parts of the world. But complex political and socio-economic developments are now forcing thousands of Venezuelans to flee to neighbouring countries and beyond in search of safety.

Around 5,000 Venezuelans are crossing into neighbouring countries every day.

Insecurity and violence, as well as shortages of food, medicine and essential services have disrupted the lives of many families. Earlier this year it was reported that an estimated 5,000 Venezuelans are crossing into neighbouring states every day. Colombia, the country most impacted by the exodus, hosts an estimated 600,000 Venezuelans.

As a result of this mass movement, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans remain without any documentation or permission to stay legally in host countries. The precarious nature of their situation makes them particularly vulnerable and unable to access basic services.

UNHCR has stepped up its support to respond to the humanitarian needs of those fleeing their homes.

Venezuelans wait outside the Federal Police office in the Brazilian border city of Pacaraima. The office is responsible for receiving Venezuelans seeking asylum or special permits to stay in Brazil.  © UNHCR/Reynesson Damasceno

A map of the area where UNHCR is working ©UNHCR/UNHCS

What is UNHCR doing? 

To respond to the growing needs, UNHCR has stepped up its work in the region, developing a regional response plan and providing:

  • shelter, access to healthcare, cash-based assistance and legal help 
  • strengthened protection for unaccompanied and separated children
  • better access to documentation to allow families to stay legally in other countries
  • advocating with all regional countries to keep their borders open and provide protection 
Venezuelan families are in urgent need of protection. We need your support

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