For the first time Refugee Week 2017 will include Australia’s Refugee Film Festival.

In 2016, the Refugee Council of Australia launched a Refugee Film Festival, aiming to introduce new audiences to the refugee experience in a creative and innovative way, and to show the resilience and courage that people bring to Australia as refugees.

Films and post-screening discussions from the festival will take place every day during Refugee Week. Many of the films tackle serious topics and give insight into the human element of ongoing recent crises, while others embrace the lighter side of finding yourself and your family in a strange new country.

In Procedure is a about Syrian father Hassan, who fled to the Netherlands, to save his family. Through audio messages he keeps in touch with his wife Fadia and his children, who are still in Syria. Among them is his daughter Yomna, 15, who is seriously ill and desperately asks him when they can be reunited. Meanwhile, the situation in Syria keeps getting worse.

The Land Between looks at the hidden lives of Sub-Saharan African migrants living in the mountains of northern Morocco. For most, their dream is to enter Europe by jumping a highly-militarised barrier into Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African continent.

Staging Post - one of the films being shown at the festival

Film screenings near you:

  • Melbourne from 18-23 June at Cinema Nova, Carlton
  • Sydney from 17-18 June at the State Library of NSW, Sydney

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