Rafaa no longer dreads the rain. With her husband and four young children, she recently moved into a new shelter made possible by donations from people like you to UNHCR’s global shelter campaign, ‘Nobody Left Outside’.

Rafaa and her family left Syria four years ago with just the clothes on their backs.

They found safety in Lebanon but with so many refugees arriving in the country, accommodation was stretched and home became a small shack without walls in a banana field.

With no official refugee camps in Lebanon, families like Rafaa’s struggle to cope in rundown housing or makeshift settlements on the edge of towns and villages.

‘Nobody Left Outside’ was launched by UNHCR in 2016 to tackle the chronic shortage of safe and sturdy accommodation for refugees and displaced people.

Australia for UNHCR supporters responded generously to the campaign, donating $770,000 to provide shelter solutions for families like Rafaa’s.

Rafaa speaks with UNHCR staff member Nisreen about her new shelter

“In the winter it was hell...I was very happy when I got the shelter assistance we needed. Now things will be better. We will be able to stay warm.” - Rafaa.

In one refugee camp in Rwanda, funds raised for ‘Nobody Left Outside’ helped UNHCR move almost 2,500 refugees out of draughty tents and into brick-built, iron-roofed houses in just eight weeks.

The results were amazing – together, we were able to transform a community and radically improve the quality of life for families.

But with the numbers of refugees and displaced people at levels not seen since WWII, many families still urgently need shelter. Without secure accommodation, these families find themselves forced to make desperate choices just to survive from one day to the next. Without proper shelter, children’s health and safety are particularly at risk. 

You can help make sure that no family is left outside. Your donation today will give fleeing families a precious gift: a safe place to call home.

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