After a morning spent at the local pool on a 37-degree day, five-year-old Escher stumbled upon a stray $20 note. His mum Pepper said they could donate the money to charity, and showed him the kind of things UNHCR would do with it to help refugees.

“He asked – but why don’t people give them money? How can we get more money for them?” said Pepper. “I suggested that we have a lemonade stand in a few weeks. He was so excited by the idea that he insisted we have it that day.”

Using the $20 to buy lemons, sugar and ice, they set up a stall and decorated it with hand-drawn signs.

"Every little idea can help."

“Escher got the confidence to start talking to people and saying he was raising money for refugees. I posted on Facebook and straight away, a friend from Melbourne replied and asked if there was another way to donate. So I set up an everyday hero page.”

Escher purchases the ingredients that enabled  him raise over $1200 to help refugees.

Three hours at the stall brought about a return on investment, with $22 raised. But the online response netted over $1,200. Escher was delighted.

“I was very proud of Escher and his enthusiasm to help others,” said Pepper. “It made him think about how much other people in the world need our help and compassion. Every little idea can help.”

Escher is still collecting, if you’d like to donate

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