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The virus is reaching places where people live in warzones, cannot easily access clean water and soap, and have no hope of a hospital bed if they fall critically ill.

If wealthy countries with strong health systems are buckling under the pressure of COVID-19 outbreaks, imagine what will happen in countries in the midst of deep humanitarian crises caused by war, natural disasters and climate change.

If we leave coronavirus to spread freely in these places, millions of lives are at risk, whole regions could be tipped into chaos and the virus will have the opportunity to circle back around the globe.

The peak of the disease in the world’s poorest countries is not expected until some point over the next three to six months. However, there is already evidence of incomes plummeting and jobs disappearing, food supplies falling and prices soaring, and children missing vaccinations and meals.

For example, food prices gone up 50 per cent in parts of Mali, Niger, Syria, Venezuela and elsewhere. The implications beyond coronavirus itself are very real to the poorest of the poor.

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