Naomi is the founding National Director of Australia for UNHCR

Under her leadership and with the support of Australian donors, Australia for UNHCR has become a top ten private sector contributor to UNHCR’s budget, ahead of many governments and international foundations. It is the only international agency in Australia solely focused on refugees and in 2016 raised a record $34 million to support UNHCR’s global humanitarian work.

Naomi was nominated by her global colleagues to be the founding Chair of the UNHCR Partnership Council in 2012. She regularly visits UNHCR operations in the field to report back on how Australia for UNHCR funds are having an impact on the ground, and to meet with refugees and UNHCR staff to identify how Australian donor support can make a difference. Naomi has visited many refugee situations and conflict zones, including Afghanistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, East Timor, Chad, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as long-term refugee settlements in Kenya and Uganda. In addition to her role with UNHCR, Naomi is a Trustee and Board member of First State Super in Australia. She is an Advisory Member to the Faculty of Arts and Science at UNSW and a Member of the Advisory Board to the Guardian Australia. She is Director of the Sydney Financial Forum and on the Editorial Board for Superfunds Magazine.

Naomi was a diplomat with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with postings at the United Nations in New York and in India, where she worked on human rights issues.

Naomi Steer - National Director

In a diverse career with an ongoing focus on human rights and social justice, Naomi has also held a number of senior positions in the trade union movement including with the Media Arts and Entertainment Alliance and the NSW Labor Council.

Naomi presents regularly and is widely published on global humanitarian issues, and in particular the impact of conflict and displacement on women and girls. She has a BA (Hons - Political Science), an LLB from the UNSW and is a graduate of the Harvard University Executive program.

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