30 November 2018

Australia for UNHCR is calling on all Federal Members of Parliament to back the Urgent Medical Treatment Bill, set to be introduced to the House of Representatives on Monday 3 December.

Vulnerable men, women and children are being detained by "offshore processing" in dire and rapidly deteriorating health conditions that have been condemned by health experts and UNHCR observers.

As a signatory to the KidsOffNauru coalition, Australia for UNHCR is urging all supporters to contact their Federal MP and demand they support this Bill.

Ask your MP now 

With just days until the Bill is introduced, we urgently need your help to ask MPs to vote for the Bill. This crisis is now well beyond politics – it is a matter of basic human rights and decency.

Together, we can all send a message to our elected representatives – every person fleeing conflict has the right to dignity and protection.


Australia for UNHCR media enquiries, please contact:

Mark Macdonald, Head of Communications, Australia for UNHCR - [email protected]
Wendy Bruere, Media & PR Officer, Australia for UNHCR - [email protected]


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