06 March 2018

 Australia for UNHCR stands with the UN in calling for unconditional, unimpeded, and sustained access to all people in need throughout Syria. Everyone has the right to seek protection and access to humanitarian aid.

Escalating conflict in Eastern Ghouta, a suburb east of Syria’s capital, Damascus, have seen civilians trapped by intense fighting and airstrikes. UN Secretary General António Guterres describes what’s happening in Eastern Ghouta as “hell on earth.”

The United Nations says 400,000 people are currently trapped inside the besieged enclave. Many were already desperately short of food and medical supplies before the assault began with intense air strikes two weeks ago. The situation is obviously much worse now.

Yesterday, UNHCR delivered aid into Eastern Ghouta as part of a 46 truck aid convoy with partner agencies. This was the first aid to reach the area since 14 February due to access being blocked by the bombardments.

Teams were able to deliver much of this emergency aid, along with food for 27,500 people, until shelling forced the convoy to retreat. The UN and its partners will continue their efforts to deliver urgent assistance to civilians trapped in this ongoing conflict zone.

For the latest live update directly from UNHCR’s team on the ground, please follow UNHCR Syria on Twitter.

To support the aid effort directly, Australians can donate online or call 1300 361 288.

Australia for UNHCR media enquiries, please contact:

Mark Macdonald, Head of Communications, Australia for UNHCR - [email protected]
Wendy Bruere, Media & PR Officer, Australia for UNHCR - [email protected]

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