02 December 2016


Australia for UNHCR launches ‘Nobody Left Outside’ appeal to provide urgent shelter for forcibly displaced people worldwide


The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is urgently preparing to shelter millions of displaced families around the world, including many who are about to endure harsh winter conditions in the northern hemisphere.

To support this emergency work, Australia for UNHCR is calling on Australians to help provide emergency shelter by raising $1million through its Christmas appeal – ‘Nobody Left Outside’.

‘Nobody Left Outside’ forms part of UNHCR’s global appeal for public support as it faces the highest number of displaced people around the world since the Second World War.  Australia for UNHCR is the UN Refugee Agency’s national partner in Australia and the global agency in Australia exclusively focused on refugees.

Supported by Australian actor Marta Dusseldorp, the ‘Nobody Left Outside’ appeal is raising urgent funds to provide immediate shelter for refugees and their families, which includes safe locations, tents, food, sanitation, winterisation kits and core relief items such as sleeping mats, stoves and blankets.

Marta Dusseldorp, who is an Australia for UNHCR Special Representative, in support of the campaign launch, said, “We are now at the point where 24 people are forced to flee every minute and more than half of them are children. What happens to a child early on in life stays with them forever so we need to do all that we can to ensure they are absolutely protected.”

“I am asking Australians to think about what shelter really means to them and their families, and to think about how valuable it is for those forced to flee and leave everything behind,” Ms Dusseldorp said.

Shelter is a vital part of UNHCR’s emergency response because without it, already vulnerable refugees are further exposed to mosquito-borne disease and life-threatening climates. Shelter also provides a safe space for children to study and families to eat together, sleep and store what precious little possessions they were able to take when they fled.

Australia for UNHCR National Director Naomi Steer said, “Millions of refugees, mostly women and children, are struggling to survive in extremely difficult circumstances. Australians can do something immediate and practical by providing shelter and safety to displaced people at www.unrefugees.org.au/shelter or by phoning 1300 885 997.”


  • 86 cents in every dollar generously donated through Australia for UNHCR goes directly to the field to support vulnerable refugee families without shelter:
    • $40 can provide sleeping mats for three families of five to keep them warm and safe in their temporary home.
    • $132 can provide emergency shelter for a family fleeing violent, armed conflict, after which they can be transitioned to more secure shelter.
    • $329 can provide and install an insulation kit to help weatherproof a tent or building where a refugee family is sheltering from hot or cold climates.
    • $692 can provide a whole family of five with a tent to shelter them from the weather conditions.

Australians can donate at www.unrefugees.org.au/shelter or telephone: 1300 885 997.

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About Australia for UNHCR

Australia for UNHCR is the National Association of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Australia for UNHCR is an Australian charity which fundraises to provide life-changing humanitarian support to refugees and other displaced and stateless people supported by UNHCR. 


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