06 March 2017

Australia for UNHCR has launched an appeal to provide life-saving aid for refugees and displaced people caught in the growing food crisis across Africa. The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is at the forefront of aiding those fleeing conflict, and already on the ground in every country in the food crisis zone.

More than two million refugees are now threatened by severe malnutrition, while new waves of displacement are expected as acute food shortages continue spreading.

An entrenched conflict has been a key factor in the food crisis, devastating food security and forcing millions to flee their homes and abandon farms. Food rations have been cut by 60% in some regions and entire growing seasons will be missed as agricultural regions remain too dangerous to return to.

“A humanitarian catastrophe is looming across Africa, threatening the lives of millions. For many refugee mothers, emergency therapeutic foods are now the only thing keeping their child alive.” Australia for UNHCR National Director, Naomi Steer.

Severely malnourished refugees, mostly women and children, continue to arrive every day at UNHCR camps and settlements seeking safety. UNHCR is helping deliver emergency nutrition and medical care, supplying therapeutic foods, safe drinking water and fortified milk to help them recover. It also protects them by providing shelter, sanitation and basic items such as cooking equipment, sleeping mats and mosquito nets.

As displaced families in over a dozen countries, including Nigeria, Yemen, Ethiopia and Somalia, are increasingly malnourished, more funding is desperately needed to protect them from starvation.

Donations can be made via unrefugees.org.au/foodcrisis or by calling 1300 722 943.

For further information please contact:

Mark Macdonald
Head of Communications & Public Affairs, Australia for UNHCR
[email protected]
0431 619 892

Greg Mills
Media and Communications Coordinator, Australia for UNHCR
[email protected]
0439 314 583


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