Middle East

Winter Survival Fund

UNHCR is racing to assist as many families as possible before the worst of the weather sets in. Donate now to help ease their suffering and prevent tragic loss of life.


Afghanistan Emergency

80% of displaced people in Afghanistan are women and children. UNHCR is committed to stay and deliver.


Yemen Crisis

After six years of conflict, Yemen remains the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. UNHCR staff have made the commitment to "stay and deliver" despite enormous challenges.

Empowering Gifts

Change the life of a refugee with a gift for your loved one.

Australians empowering refugees

Your donations in action


Since the start of the year, conflict has already driven some 700,000 vulnerable people out of their homes – and numbers are growing by the day.

Protection Protection


Regular giving: join our emergency response team today to maximise your impact


UNHCR is one of the few humanitarian aid organisations working in Yemen. Find out how you can help→

Supplies Supplies


UNHCR is protecting LGBTI refugees worldwide


COVID-19 Response: UN Refugee Agency steps up COVID-19 preparedness, prevention and response measures

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You can help

Make a donation

Every donation makes a real and lasting difference in the lives of refugees.

Organise a fundraiser

Host a bake sale, climb a mountain or do a fun run to raise funds for vital aid.