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Nobody Left Outside

  • This Christmas, help us give refugees a place to call home

Australia for UNHCR is joining a global campaign to find shelter for 2 million refugees. More than half of these are children.

Image: © Magnus Wennman

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As another northern winter approaches, bringing freezing temperatures and heavy snow, Australia for UNHCR is joining a global campaign to find shelter for 2 million refugees – more than half of them children.

Giving refugees a place to call home is a fundamental part of UNHCR's global mandate. Even the simplest shelter can be lifesaving for a family escaping from conflict. It protects them from the elements. It allows them to function as a family unit in the midst of chaos, maintaining their dignity and daily rituals as best they can. Most importantly, shelter gives children the protection, safety and privacy of a home.

Today, however, with record numbers of people displaced, and remaining so for longer periods of time, UNHCR is struggling to meet the overwhelming need for emergency shelter and longer-term refugee accommodation.

We need your help to ensure nobody is left outside

Note: Should the funds raised exceed the amount required to meet the immediate and longer term needs of the people in the affected areas, Australia for UNHCR will direct donations to our Emergency Programs for Refugees to enable us to rapidly address future emergencies as they occur.

Image of children Ralia and Rahaf © Magnus Wennman, from the exhibition ‘Where the Children Sleep’.

How we help

  • We provide tents for families at the height of crisis, or demountable homes for those enduring long-term displacement
  • We distribute basic household items like cooking pots, sleeping mats and malaria nets
  • We supply the tools and materials needed to build transitional shelters like mud-brick housing, allowing refugees to live in dignity until they are able to return home or resettle elsewhere
  • We help shelter millions of people who seek refuge, not in camps, but in the community — in the cities and towns of neighbouring countries

Help UNHCR give refugee families a roof overhead this Christmas


Australia for UNHCR: Nobody Left Outside - 20 October 2016

This Christmas, Australia for UNHCR is launching a major appeal to ensure that nobody is left outside.