Care and Comfort for Refugee Families

  • Please donate to provide care and comfort for refugee families this Christmas.

You can provide emergency food supplies to families suffering malnutrition due to drought in Ethiopian camps.

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Our target is $250,000

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Wishing all refugees a safe journey this Christmas.



2015 has been a harrowing year for refugee families around the world. Forced to flee their homes by violence, refugee families leave their home with only what they can carry, lacking the very basics of survival.

From the Middle East to Europe, Africa to South East Asia, UNHCR is providing vital supplies to keep refugee families safe, well nourished and healthy in extreme conditions.

Currently, 11.6 million Syrians in the Middle East and Europe are facing sub-zero temperatures; thousands will go into winter without adequate clothing, shelter or heating to survive through the long, cold months.

Extreme weather conditions have also brought severe problems for refugee families in western Africa. Ongoing drought and soaring temperatures in Ethiopia are causing crops to fail, creating a food shortage for hundreds of thousands of refugees. 25% of children in some refugee camps are now acutely malnourished.

In southern Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee families have experienced months of monsoonal rain and flooding which have caused infection and disease to spread. UNHCR is the only aid agency delivering healthcare to the 33,000 Rohingya families living in two crowded camps.

This Christmas, your generous donation of a winter, food or healthcare package can ensure that refugee families suffering from extreme conditions can survive the coming months and into the future.

How we help

Throughout Europe and the Middle East UNHCR is providing Syrian refugees with winter survival kits containing thermal blankets, shelter insulation, stoves and winter clothing to protect families and keep them warm and dry all winter long.

In Ethiopia, UNHCR is delivering urgently needed food and water supplies and are implementing emergency feeding programs for mothers and babies to ensure that families remain nourished and cared for.

In Bangladesh, we are funding two health centres in Rohingya refugee camps and have begun vaccination programs to stop the spread of preventable diseases to ensure families remain healthy and well.

Donate today to provide life-saving support for refugee families.