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Care and Comfort for Refugee Families

  • Please donate to provide care and comfort for refugee families this Christmas.

You can provide emergency food supplies to families suffering malnutrition due to drought in Ethiopian camps.

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Our target is $250,000

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I pray that a solution will be found and that peace may return to the Middle East and that you will no longer have to live in fear.

Diane O'Sullivan

I do hope you eventually find a new life and a new home in Australia, and I hope that my donation will help in some way.

Olive Grigg

If you feel that the world is against you, don't be angry, don't be upset, beacuse this is the time when you will find the people that truly love you. So don't lose hope. Time will come as everything will just get better. God blessed.

Fuli Aofia

Know that many people all over the world are thinking of you and praying for you. May God bless and keep you.

Patti Facer

God Bless, Jesus loves you

Gregory Beattie

Thinking of you and hope your suffering ends soon.

Michelle Bowyer

May the joys of this beautiful season of Christmas bring you peace and joy. God bless you and may 2016 bring you new beginnings and hope for the future. Monica, a great grandmother

Monica Gray

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you suffer so much in this crisis. I pray that in 2016 you will be safer and happier.

D Sullivan

Thinking of you all! I pray for peace. Remember God is with you always. Love, Carol :)

Carol Greenway

I see refugees on TV and feel for you at such a difficult time. It must be hard to keep your family together. I am grateful UNHCR is working to help you. With winter coming you will need all the help possible.

Betty Mayne

I do hope my small donation will let you know that someone cares about your health and wellfare. May you find peace in your life and happiness everyday. We send you our love and best wishes.

Walter Ryan

I love you because Jesus loves you and wants to keep you warm and safe. Trust Jesus, He will save you and take you to Heaven when you die. He will also cleanse you from your sins. God bless you all!

Ian Herbert

May your lives improve and peace reign in your hearts and home. Best wishes, Patricia.

Patricia Kay

Extending my hand of friendship to those that are experiencing hardship at this very special time of the year. Hoping my small donation can help in some way to make life seem brighter. God Bless to all.

Christina Cross

In your time of need please don't lose hope. There are people who care like UNHCR and will be doing their best to help.

Steve Greensill

My hope is some day you will be able to live in peace, surrounded by kindness, compassion and love.

Chairani Gregson

There is hope and compassion in the world. We feel deeply for your plight and wish you well.

Nick Safstrom

May God's love and peace surround you as we celebrate Christmas. Immanuel - god with us.

Patricia Foord

Don't lose hope. This will not last forever. Here in Australia and in many other countries, there are poeple like me who care about you and who are doing whatever they can to help you. With love, (because you are my brothers and sisters)

Frankie Frees

Whatsoever you do unto thee, you do do unto me.

M Heddle

We are sure we can not even imagine the pain you have gone through. Let's hope with the power of many people sharing a little, will make a huge difference in understanding and give you a new fresh start. With Love, the Kroon family.

Geert Kroon

I pray that you will soon have a life filled with peace and hope for the future.

Jeanette Gambian

The thoughts of many are with you at this time. We hope that you will find a safe home soon and that you may all begin the healing process

Victoria Wildie

Our dear God above, and his dear son, the Lord Jesus, love you very much, and they will never leave you or forsake you. May many blessings be yours and those you love dearly.

Daphne Lee

I send you heart-felt wishes. I wish for your safety and a future where you can live your life without fear. A life you would wish yourself.

Lesley Kaveh-Ahangari

Please know that we care about you and try our best to help you live your life with dignity and hope. Know this comes with love and best wishes.

Maria Boyd

You are in my thoughts. I pray that you will keep your expectations high, and be able to have a very happy life in the future.

Shirley Wall

Please know that my family and I send you so much love and we really hope this helps you get through thinks a little easier. You are all in our hearts. The Fosters

Lucinda Foster and family

Take care. Keep fight for life.

Michael Lai

I am ever so sorry that your country is in conflict. I am part Indigenous Australian and know what it's like to have your own nation invaded, and be treated as second class or lower. Hope this will help you.

Dennis Flockton


The last year has been harrowing for refugee families around the world. Forced to flee their homes by violence, refugee families leave their home with only what they can carry, lacking the very basics of survival.

From Africa to South East Asia, the Middle East to Europe, UNHCR is providing vital supplies to keep refugee families safe, well nourished and healthy in extreme conditions.

Extreme weather conditions have brought severe problems for refugee families in the west and Horn of Africa. El nino brings ongoing drought and soaring temperatures in Ethiopia are causing crops to fail, creating a food shortage for hundreds of thousands of refugees. 25% of children in some refugee camps are now acutely malnourished.

Currently, 11.6 million Syrians in the Middle East and Europe are facing sub-zero temperatures; thousands will go into winter without adequate clothing, shelter or heating to survive through the long, cold months.

In southern Bangladesh, Rohingya refugee families have experienced months of monsoonal rain and flooding which have caused infection and disease to spread. UNHCR is the only aid agency delivering healthcare to the 33,000 Rohingya families living in two crowded camps.

Your generous donation of a food and water, winter or healthcare package can ensure that refugee families suffering from extreme conditions can survive the coming months and into the future.

How we help

In Ethiopia, UNHCR is delivering urgently needed food and water supplies and are implementing emergency feeding programs for mothers and babies and malnourished refugees, to ensure that families remain hydrated, nourished and cared for throughout severe drought.

Throughout Europe and the Middle East UNHCR is providing Syrian refugees with winter survival kits containing thermal blankets, shelter insulation, stoves and winter clothing to protect families and keep them warm and dry all winter long.

In Bangladesh, we are funding two health centres in Rohingya refugee camps and have begun vaccination programs to stop the spread of preventable diseases to ensure families remain healthy and well.

Donate today to provide life-saving support for refugee families.