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Become a lifeline for Nakivale

Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda is home to more than 56,000 refugees. We're asking Australians to be a Life Line for Nakivale, and help build and connect refugee lives.

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Snapshot of Nakivale, Uganda

"The Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda is one of Africa's oldest and largest refugee camps. Situated in a highly volatile region, it shelters more than 56,000 refugees – many of whom have been forced to flee long-running violent conflicts in nearby countries such the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)."

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Overview of Nakivale

  • Number of refugees in Nakivale: 56,000
  • Children and young people in Nakivale: 28,000
  • Year the settlement was established: 1960
  • Key areas of need: education, water and sanitation, healthcare
  • Primary refugee countries of origin: DRC, Rwanda, Somalia, Burundi

From The Field

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Latest Stats

  • Distance children travel to collect water: up to 5km
  • Children treated for malaria each month: 4,000
  • Average number of children in a classroom: 100+
  • Pregnant mothers with access to antenatal care: 14%
  • Number of doctors in the settlement: 1
  • Number of patients treated per day by each medical officer: 150

Donors in Action

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